Kindergartner invites entire class to his adoption hearing in Michigan

If some say friends are the family you choose, then one boy’s family doubled.

If some say friends are the family you choose, then one young boy’s family just got much bigger.

Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan, was so excited about his adoption day that he invited his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing.

In a packed courtroom on Thursday, Michael’s classmates filled up the first rows of seats in the Kent County courtroom and even gave sweet testimonies about how much they love their fellow friend.

"My name’s Steven and Michael’s my best friend," said one child.

"I love Michael," said another.

His entire class cheered him on with paper hearts in their hands as Michael’s parents became his forever parents.

The sweet -- and also silly -- kindergartner's adoption hearing was held on a special day for the courthouse, which marked its 23rd annual Adoption Day in Kent County. Michael was one of 36 kids adopted that day.

On social media, Michael’s story warmed the hearts of many. A picture shared on Kent County, Michigan’s page of Michael with his kindergarten class seated behind him in the courthouse on Facebook was shared more than 90,000 times.

"I love my daddy," said Michael as he interrupted an interview with his adoptive father, Dave Eaton. "I love my daddy so much."