Should expectant parents sign a baby prenuptial agreement?

GMA's Digital Lifestyle Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown discusses the breakdown of parenting duties included in a baby pre-nup as expectant parents gear up to welcome their bundle of joy.
3:37 | 10/12/19

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Transcript for Should expectant parents sign a baby prenuptial agreement?
And now to a new trend among couples who are expecting, baby prenups. We know a bundle of joy can bring a load of stress and responsibilities. Can signing a contract that breaks down parenting duties help keep the peace in your home? We spoke with parents and experts to find out. Bringing home baby can be overwhelming. But now expectant couples are creating baby prenups or contracts to help ease the stress. A baby prenup is an agreement made between both parents where they know what their roles will look like, what their duties may be like once the baby arrives so that there's no surprises. Reporter: Natalie Alicia gold started early creating a baby prenup with her husband Sam before they were even married. We signed the document with witnesses. Some things that we included were things like grandchild and grandparent access as well as financial implications, wills and trusts and, quite frankly, who is going to do the daily changing of the diapers. Reporter: Vanessa petronelli recommend they communicate often and remain flexible. Having this in place is going to allow everyone to live in more harmony and balance, and it's going to be a much more peaceful environment for the baby. Reporter: And it's not just for babies. Melissa and Greg Biggs created their baby prenup seven years ago and still use it to this day. It allowed me to understand exactly what I had to do and just have open communication and understand what the other one wanted in, you know, our relationship. And joining us now with more is "Gma's" digital lifestyle editor Genevieve Shaw brown. Thank you so much for being with us this morning. Thank you. We actually all have copies, and you have a copy of the printout of a full baby prenup agreement. Give us some examples of what's actually in here and how and why someone would want to do this. One mom we saw in the piece, Natalie Alicia gold is right from hers. Two parts that stand out to me. Okay, first I'm reading right from the contract. Wife shall take primary responsibility for child care services including but not limited to feeding, bathing, changing, playing and setting play dates for the children. And then it goes on to say, husband and wife agree that a minimum of one day a week shall have quality time with the child or children for most waking hours of the day. So it's not that these responsibilities are all atypical. What's atypical is seeing them printed out literally in black and white. But the thing is, you know, this is a life-changing event. And when we have a life-changing event like a marriage or even a job, we often sign a prenup or have an employer contract outlining the set of responsibilities, and that's essentially what this is. Can you do one with your kids so could I get my 4-year-old not to mouth off to me? Good luck. Is that doable? Yeah, can he write his flame? Can he sign it? But on a serious note what happens if one of the parties breaks the rules here? Is it legally enforceable? You can have a formalized agreement or you could have something a lot less formalized. The point is unless the division of labor is clearly outlined, it often falls on mom, and moms are talking about being exhausted, the mental load, the emotional labor. I've got three kids of my own. I never gave a thought to a baby prenup before, but in retrospect maybe it will be a good idea to have these things more clearly outlined and have a very clear conversation about what's going to be expected. So many of my friends say baby defaults to mom. This may kind of keep that from happening. Well, for more on baby prenups and parenting go to Coming up, all the best pop

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"GMA's Digital Lifestyle Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown discusses the breakdown of parenting duties included in a baby pre-nup as expectant parents gear up to welcome their bundle of joy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66228812","title":"Should expectant parents sign a baby prenuptial agreement?","url":"/GMA/Family/video/expectant-parents-sign-baby-prenuptial-agreement-66228812"}