What it's like to be a first-gen student at an Ivy League school

Alfredo Dominguez shares his experience as a first-generation college student at Columbia University.
3:02 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for What it's like to be a first-gen student at an Ivy League school
And our first generation those are words in every subscribers before you go Heidi Collins and it challenged. They're like oh I've been these things my entire life and now didn't matter. It's frustrating to feel like you have to do so much work just to be able to play not even like to succeed. He did win the game just. 60. And I'm actually a last of eleven so today. Family my parents immigrated from Mexico. A number that never let me really understand like the accent the waves. Poverty and afflicted my life tonight I got my children particularly after Columbia and sealing the vary but stark difference between like what I thought like a regular job that was. And like what my friends on a regular job was. A lot of my freshman here. I'm especially at the very beginning so many people talk about politics aside ingesting. But the first time for realizing like in my life that. But people are talking about issues and like that was an issue to them. But people on welfare like oh that's it to be recently have fat content ideas. I called issues that they were talking about what's best on issues from yes I. I didn't know the week that that word whatever and cynical side. Like I didn't know anyone that had gone to college had apparently gone to college that was it weird to me you really get athlete to Japan and did your Brothers here when you apply. Again like Garrity know how to navigate those systems and say Justine as a care houses and standard and understanding. That's people who grow up look like a much more what the public understand what you're so expected to perform and do the exact same things and when you don't. You know it is the first generation kid that would probably here but that might. Failed flunked out so they're still looking justice spared Ian Howell. Like white affluent students are performing at the school and how late equally intelligent equally qualified black and brown moment beaches there forming. And really blessed it. Yet like my school fully covered. And Colombia. And the other items like other of the institutions and can criticize them opera at the in the late they do front the bill right but I don't. Don't have any loans staffer had to take at anything come you could do more and all the ideas and this is the obvious a lowly things are Colombia's Pacific. And he died you know experts and from acts other. Ivy year brilliantly school. That the anyway thank you would go out of the same answer is hospitalized school's conduct themselves. How they think it's okay for a ever went to conduct themselves and I think being first and recently it's so hard because you saw they just don't get any space to. And you don't ever wanted me that stuff as hard and that. It's cute you know you're not knowingly they need more help meaningless when did. But I just like now it I think anybody it's okay and that doesn't mean using. I might intellectually counted. Patent and that you in these things.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Alfredo Dominguez shares his experience as a first-generation college student at Columbia University.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57348018","title":"What it's like to be a first-gen student at an Ivy League school","url":"/GMA/Family/video/gen-student-ivy-league-school-57348018"}