What happens when you give your kids unlimited screen time?

"GMA" conducted an experiment with a family to see what would happen if parents put no restrictions on their children's screen time.
4:31 | 07/17/18

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Transcript for What happens when you give your kids unlimited screen time?
that old medicineage,robin.I'm guilty charged. To our series "Crng the code it is the middle of summer and re struggling to keep their kiffircrn and we'll see what happens when you givem unlimited access for awe Willy moderate their time? One family, triedout and Becky Worley has the resus. Hey, Becky. Good morning,michael. The dream we have as pas, theids can use their tablet for a hour, then they'll spend the rest of the daoh, climbing trees and play with friends but then ity , it's only lunch theye been O the device for five hours andou're yelling at them again to putt down. So our experiment with one ly, if the parents didn't intee a week would the kidsver goutnd enjoy sum summerme means scr time and for the serge O Phoenix, izona, liming scree time is a struggleith Grayson, 10, Wesley, 7 and Lilly, when there's nochool what does usage look like. Ideally an hour or two hours. Are you just going that keep watchhag. Reporter: Mom and dad are extend that. Let's go here. Are so acted they don't know how toomff them. Reporter: We asked them T tr some. Giving their kids unlimited acce to devices for a week. Do you you'll get bor with screens Aer while, probably. Nope. We used this Disney . A device from ABC' parent company that you plug in an P that tracks the kids' U. On day one the boys hours are omical. Grayen more than 8 ho,weey more than 12 hours. Y, we, you hungry for nc Huh? You want somunch, bud? No. Never. Bedtime was shot. E you guys planning to go tobed? Whate time I fall asleep. Reporter: All threeatched lot of videos and played some game Carly noticed a defe shift in behavior right . Mom, make themtop annoying me. I work today and theids basiy spent I D seven hours on their compurs and. Five. Five hours. This I another great example of what happens when they spend too muime on them and they're coming off of . Fighng, taunting. Reporter: While the 4-year-old's device age was all over place averaging three hours butking wit more than 6 1/2 hour O boys showed an interestin trend. After th first two days of binging Beuse they could, they seinto a routine of about fiveours day. They're choosing other tivities or the devices qufrequently I thought might be a lot wors reporter: Dr. Victoria dunckley author of "Resour D' makes an tonishing on sever Vegas. Thoughtheould usehem even more but the kids did self-rate. Max whats about the average of what most kids in America are doing right now. Like five hours a day. Oh, yeah, for age group, five to seven hours a D is common. Reporr: Five hours a day is way mor scree time than mom Carly had mind. Forids over they no longer recommend a exact time limit for screens but recomndsn hour P cap for 18 months thh 5. Dr. Dunckley Haser own recommendation. Les T an hour or T day is the th kids that have the least amount ofcr time he the highest adea more. They sleep better. Reporter: Evehe kids agree. What do youhink is right amount of time for U? Maybe like one or two hours a day. Reporter: So your mind says oner two hours. But when're actlly in , it would go longer. Yeah. Why do younk that is? Ids just dicted to it. Well, one thing thentire family said, it was reall nice not to fight about reens. The dst the sense of rol, the pents loved not having to be thecreen police. But five hours Aday, that is a lot of screen time andthey decided going forward to uset circle device and limthe kids to just two hours a day. All right. Thank you so much Becky. I agree five hours seems like longtime. If you S ttp time on the job I'll make youet a job. Over to ginger.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"\"GMA\" conducted an experiment with a family to see what would happen if parents put no restrictions on their children's screen time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56635937","title":"What happens when you give your kids unlimited screen time? ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/give-kids-unlimited-screen-time-56635937"}