Nanny Connie helps parents tackle temper tantrums

The parenting expert offers tips on how to prevent kids from throwing tantrums and how to stop them once they start.
4:33 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Nanny Connie helps parents tackle temper tantrums
Now to our series baby battle where we look at the challenges of parenthood and we'll focus on temper tantrums and talk to Constance Simpson after Diane Macedo shows us how she helped one family dealing with meltdowns. Here you go, buddy. Reporter: Audra loves spending time with her son William. But over the summer she says she noticed a change and her generally well behaved 3-year-old turned into a three-nager. No. He just started like tantrums all the time. There would be nights that he would be in his room and he would just be screaming. Temerment wise it was just like oh, my gosh, I do not know what happened to my child. Reporter: With a new baby on the way the 32-year-old is searching for solutions to tame the tantrums. Every once in a while I talk to him as if he is Ang adult and I'm like, William, why does everything have to be a battle? Hi. Reporter: So we called in nanny Connie, the baby whisperer that a-listers like Jessica biel, just continue Timberlake and Jessica biel swear by. It's harder. They are even smarter and temper tantrums are just them trying to be vocal and they can't be vocal or trying to get your attention and they can't get your attention and they feel like if I act out you'll come to my rescue even faster. Reporter: Nanny Connie's baby battle game plan, use a star chart to reward positive behavior with stickers. They work so well with visuals and let him see today you did it all the way through and then when he gets it all the way through, well, mom, I achieved it this week. Reporter: Next set a timer to create a routine and parameters around play time. If he wants to play with his truck, okay, fine, you get 15 more minutes or you get five more minutes. Set the timer with me. Reporter: If that leads to a tantrum hit the snooze button. First ring, so now he knows I'm close to the end so that we just don't cut him off cold Turkey. Reporter: Armed with her advice the bransgroves put it to the test. Have you been doing good with your stickers? Are we so proud? Reporter: For "Good morning America," Diane Macedo, ABC news, New York. Thanks. We're joined by Constance Simpson author of "The nanny Connie way." Thank you. This is all about stopping tantrums before they start. Yes, it is. I try to always enable my parents with the skills that they need because they are always looked at and I try to do it with Jess and Justin, for an example with having silence come along and being a little boy they'll act so so you want to be prepared as opposed to be in the situation and not be prepared and I can't tell you the number of times she said, thanks, nanny, that really worked because I cut it off at the pass. That's good news and awe Dra and William, we just saw them in the piece, hey, William, how is it going? Say hi. So tell us how it worked for you. It's been going really well. It's definitely been a process of trial and error and figuring out what works for him but the star chart at bedtime has revolutionized our bedtime routine. He's so happy to put the stickers on. That's reward enough for him so it's been really great. That's great and you actually have something to add to the star chart. Yes, I think putting the toys in time-out as opposed to putting your kids in time-out because parents are so overwhelmed they forget about kids this timeout so if you put your kids in time-out, which we have our time-out box then you feel like, okay, the child can earn it back, so you put the toys in time-out and the time-out box like that and Then they earn it back. They earn it back. So now they're learning like for every action there is a reaction. Now, even the best laid plans don't always work. They don't. So you're out in public. Amen. There is a melt many down. What do you do? If it's a short run, you take him to the car. Somewhere where you can have your -- I would say your come to Jesus and if that doesn't work in the car then you shut it down and you head home and you start all over. That's the part of being a parent. You can't always go out and do everything you want to do. So you have to take the good with the bad. Great advice. Thanks for coming in. Thanks to you all as well.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The parenting expert offers tips on how to prevent kids from throwing tantrums and how to stop them once they start.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66414076","title":"Nanny Connie helps parents tackle temper tantrums","url":"/GMA/Family/video/nanny-connie-helps-parents-tackle-temper-tantrums-66414076"}