Their Painful Bond: Black Mothers Speak Out Together on Their Unimaginable Loss

'GMA' brought together seven mothers, who have all lost children, for a conversation with ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts to discuss their journeys and sacrifices as Black mothers in America.
58:53 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Their Painful Bond: Black Mothers Speak Out Together on Their Unimaginable Loss
Today we are bringing together seven moms who share a painful and tragic gone. They have all lost children in violent encounters most of them at the hands of police. And they will tell you that it speaks volumes about systemic racism. In our country. We are grateful to have them in this rare gathering right now to talk to us and to share their pain and this year their journey. And to help us learn a little bit more about what is happening at this moment in America. I just wanted to reiterate. How much I appreciate and we appreciate here at ABC you're taking the time to talk with us I know that this is a very. A difficult time you all share a common and painful bond is one and he said the sorority that nobody wants to be a part off. What do you say to reach out there wonder when you see each other Michelle when you see each other what we're what do you say. Parts. That make it. But what I. You. Expert and praying. Paying their. Hat. And I. Are. Not know the year. Year. We let you regret supporting. You sent a message to. To me can agree on his mom on her birthday. When did you sang. I wanted to know that I knew. My upper and make eight. Aren't. You being released. And that would want to the most. Heartbreaking. They. Note Palmer. C and I want to. Me. Out or. Mr. Palmer tell me about that what that meant to you because this is still fresh. For you at this moment how how are you doing. Well should be okay. Come. It was nice to get that message is enough. You know somebody feels that way that I CEO you know I'm surrounded by all the people they don't. Early on Hamlet I'm going Howe hockey. You know. Heartburn they didn't come so quickly acted in city. Let's heartbreaking changes. Her words are kind and neighbor's suite so they need to. A lot of people reached out that today people that you don't even know I didn't report that day people chanted bring on his name as they were protesting. But yet you're dealing with this personal loss what was bookstore acting like for you. I didn't want to be latter day I do you know where people. She said it was are these people who are don't even know who came from everywhere to celebrate her life I had to. It. Our and I had to be around these people. You know and I'm great are our early on that. Just ahead Gideon that only. Do you want should be hers are eaten you know she's here she let them enjoy. Sabrina Fulton what do you say to you. Someone like to Mika Palmer who is so new lead in this horrible. Painful club that you are part. Our own war but wrong in the mud at. Eight. Now no way you EU and number on a higher rate when EU. Everybody heals and own Terrence O'Donnell the encryption and you should or feel they should heal it shouldn't be happy. On because what are they are number is are Iran's New Britain. Out from nine are. You happy. Two. Nine are in a million USO. Wanted to eat and what you need to do is in its. Outlook it is about time because I don't wanna a person. I mean it's a and end I was Bettany. Property and now with me and because those demonstrating at random. You know may. Well now Ers are her ability. What may now when you good outlook because our train and bring program. They dance and memory. You just do the in new embryo you aren't you let it to order a huge is the think about it who turns well in our very. Think it mom and air and she's she brand and is located. The 08 years later. In I don't apologize. Aren't those a marquee. That was not done. And so on when crack always know get up aren't they come in and you know you've been allowed goes out to be on that day. And in you out you're out there are no better rider is currently one beings who don't marquis who was around you when different things. And hundreds of people around me. Tom Bowman no lights go off and the cameras. Are aren't angry at ambient might give reasons why many years in. You manner. And the only you're gonna come from. Ron good. US and disappointment. And does not. And wanted to things into the poor are in a lot of people. People restricted number and you you gonna have a round to vote all of those people aren't aren't. In his win in U. While you have been who has been on is Whitney you'd trust me. I'm most Google Guam in. I don't I don't know one don't want me it was gone it was only are there will meet through what I do know Latin you could have done. Michelle what about you your son was so young. What what gets you up how do you Kiko. Dee ma. In eaten in in debt every gate. I don't need to have three mama don't anymore. Unknown that was my salon. And know that is my son. And no eyes of fight harder for my eyes are on in me. I don't have any choice but get up every morning. As a found a little long derelict have been Dolan at all of his life. Alana. Your son wrote a beautiful. Poem that I had seen published with him saying that he was sort of afraid that it but he didn't want his mom to feel that pain recognizing that they are young black man losing their lives at I don't want my mom to feel that pain. The idea that he wrote that. And he was lost to gun violence to a police shooting anyway. And scorn and I have always. Family needing the army three bucks. Are we hand on heart felt conversation. And I had expressed to him multiple parents and it's a young black male out we're always beacon for his eight. I'm unfortunately alaskans aren't. Insulin. Losing his life in the street and never mentioned. Loose in his life I'm Ryan who was born to protect our. I didn't actually see that poem at a day after and on with you would. And for so many years I wonder. And I always repeat myself you know as a parent that your eight you hear me do you hear me I hope you Jeremy. I didn't know until the day after and on diet that he actually are due had never seen that poem before. He rode up or school project. Lowe was never made public his teacher's aide to. And a day after he died. When everyone in the city of Pittsburgh was protesting she brought it in my house. And we immediately released it or her public. It through that poem that was able to understand that. Our kids hero. Even when we think they don't. So it reminds me sheets and my daughter keep rockets and micro. And that's why I'm in the schools. That until and ultimately work and Angela because I'd known how a year of. I'm not what you think I understand people believe and just a statistic I say to them I'm different I dream of life getting easier I try my best to make my dream come true. I hope that he does I am confused and afraid. I mean it was so wrong with his. Fears it's just any other team Kidd about living up to expectations but knowing that he was also vulnerable as of young black man. And her to bed about her. Stressed it learned so much. At a parent you don't want a much press earning your keys that you want them and know what the world really Ian. And then. Repeated some cute for years that were to grow. In nobody's well on the way accident. And that poem I was able and learned that he harder. Immune. Add our news. Coleman did happy inner reality all the way. Are beginning to end and I just wish it was their core. Currently heard you scenario I your son was truly very young. How do you sort of deal with the pain every day you know Sabrina talked about being 95% said some days how do you deal with the pain every day. Grady Little bit more. An act normal. Am not immediately be OB litany her act and act. In the area. It high in the hand. And I'm late. In the BD. Lanny. You know it. EI. Pay it until. With a black eye hand cannon air act right or elect aggravating provided. They are. Oh. You know oil and I don't give back to community you know built in the end there aren't any and a you know he'll be in our grandmother. You always going to be I can't eat re born. It mentally I hope. You know being and they or are very the very. Our Arctic cat in the Arctic racked. I didn't hear you talk about being demanded having to speak your child's name and when card let me ask you there because so many people. Have spoken your son's name for a number of years and you know the so many other things have happened so many of the shootings have happen. Aunt. Do you worry that SK it gets harder to keep his name out there and to try to find justice for him which you still. I assume don't feel like you've had. 0000. Oh yeah. Oh. Or. I. It up. It. Oh. When car was talking about how she won't stop fighting. And it's not just about her son but it's about others and this is a fight you're really just beginning because. This just happened to you it is still very fresh you lost your side not at the hands of police but at the hands of you know two people in the neighborhood some people might even labeled them vigilantes. You're just beginning this fight. What is what is what is that like for you joining in hearing the voices of these moms as some of them who have not on justice and knowing that this is a road you're about to trap. Yes my other mothers and it gives me strength. What I'm doing now with fighting is what I let's do it month. Start aren't. Hi I. At. I know. I. Find it rent there are always offer and alt. Does he give you. Ho or does it diffuse it discouragement though when you hear that. When Carr says all these years later she still fighting for justice. Others among you who say they still feel like they have not had justice. What happened over the merits straight. Or current. It is different. Are being. Current here out or is more. Not. Car. On the copper. At what happened. Early right. Alison I'd like to ask you about that you're one of the you're the only bomb here really who has seen a conviction. In your case. A police officer who shot your son wise indeed convicted and given ten years. Do you feel a sense of justice. In this case. Given that you did actually see the police officers were shot your son. Go to prison. And Aggies lose from the grand jury. I and V. Actually indicted on that guy from the I RE. Fox. I indicated that I do all the coup a move their conviction. Dole. I don't soon let's try. Created an op Ed and that's all I I Claude little. Give a molded Clinton picture. Because. My back my son's life with taken away. I ended we live in an age now where it's not a night flight I had to all who. Well I could not out that her life do we well but I thought that what ad law. Even Clinton they said oh what caused. Completely. The beam number that on the day I know she will not be well. Even not Shia city and then welcome addiction when she has get another job. And now on why are we move is exactly audit we need. And eat up those who have done role would now be included in the registry. All of the end that it cannot get back in any that may be our. All. I am not too little happy about the NEA and all of I do need God's in control. I'm hoping that during that anger. Into prisons. You really read. On what she has done that and she hadn't and on and on and on my arm. I come out about it and objects up close and listen to wouldn't never ever think I'll look in Sri on an and and do you think that happen and you had a chance to see her in court. I think is going to good and I am. Built right and I am ill. Calling on authorities to do what is right. And IBE. A protest that news Ian right now Uggla that we'll look at our every angle in event. I I had reached a point where I I didn't when they did at end. I can't say in his old man who I thought. Off the bullet thumb it would have been the end because I kept saying that I do. Well see another factory output if need be I am so sorry. Boots and he got Palma. Until one hoopla. Anthony are among those who loved La guns smuggling boat bull from there. I'm so sorry to let the and a jet and how many. That's she could have been in the comfort. Rome they big deal if I'd met you and he shot. In in league and I'm sorry urgent matter rob. Army I'm Egypt bribed that army and now we have Rashad broke. I am so sorry. Well all of these armies. Because we all. He. Loaded and the longer this mean I mean let's meet our long Eaton. Every time I reached that point some clients following both funds there I didn't even want to see other people. I was a look back. If somebody around them close and got the ball in the bond market wouldn't La. I would be like. All Eminem and unbeaten. I didn't want to meet people who. Because either lost a son who did not these cool guy in the week that he did. You look in the com flat on his living room. He ought to do it in gauze Barack night watched the ski. Even be Clinton is that they. Although he couldn't win it and saw that he wants Nikki he had in blood and I was hit by number one who walk to say I'm sure Lou. Number one rule are have had their rights training. Are low there around in onto the credit it. I think region and instead. He equaled the Ripa. I blew out my hard. If America all. There's much shakeup. Are already in the end that B Walsh out mud. We knew. He did GA. Break Americo. To make you hear that in new. It is I'm sure it takes everything you've got wanna hear you're thinking history hearing. Alison. Just aren't enough those are about. Not want to see other people happy. To have these people around you. You know left in him into into doing it right into and you know. Enough desire to not be happy good. And it only got so much anger in you. Know let's just at least for what happened to you it's. You know that GE. Talked about. You know having advanced data going out to dinner. It's reported raining garage home to watch movies. Now she was in her house. In her own being. Insolent kid in her door Inky odor. Not into this market. I can't even begin to imagine the show you you can Michelle tell me what you're thinking think we all. Hope and Cray. When it's hard. You you know half a year. Anymore. In every time you see a number where. It takes you right back to date. Didn't happen. Year. Miss rice has come to my home. This come to my home. And happens it comes. Only eight when my own sister lost her daughter. Dean. Has called me owner Malone and I have called her own on. All in soda. Word guest appearance in. It rings about a bond. It I can't begin to explain. Enacting the reason that that happens. Is because. No one. Understanding and let this change truly in you know in all of the dynamic. Com Whitney. Election have while an hour she. And every day at trinity. Doses don't have could be critter on by another person. Lewis heartbreaking. It's not as heartbreaking for months now my heart rate and I listen. To their paint because I know. What that Cheney. In in we knew we had an antique all of us use the word overwhelming. Because there's not the weights of the fun I don't think people realize that we're not as bad only. Our own issues and effectively lost ark he is where we're bat on a whole law enforcement agents. So lack. I. Sabrina when you hear Allison rattled off all the names of these people who are now bonded with you. Give me a sense of what it is like we need you. Saw. What happened to George Floyd. We use what happened in Atlanta when you see another victim Sabrina what what happens for you. Because you've been there. All those. Things are triggered and dom it triggers. You know Mo and intrigue is bad news in triggered the tears it triggered. You know is everything on. Your heart hurt it against her ear. You know you hit a mean of little things. And. YouTube you re live that although Olympian in the NM. I can't equated to anything but it PGM the. We didn't know who want to recover from the we didn't never ever want to recall or. I'm not meddle mom yet that's our list are we never recover from we live it every day. I'm me you know how the tell us about our key is we beat Kerry and any every single day. You know we just how good day in a day. We carry the pain every day and so that's what it does exist breach triggers. I'm in this or radio and emotion that's already there a feeling that are ready beer. In Havana or make any Imation very angry and makes you do when in the area. It makes you say why why is it and. Yeah. Again and European and again and continue. Ed any and every. Races every are mad and they start every tragedy. You know what we are hopeful and stand. I don't want this is somebody else's because we notre rank. And we don't want the money going to do what we are rainy experience. You went to George floods Minnesota funeral. Why did you feel the need to be there. Probably it because. The corona Barry and. Because I didn't want every hand saying the Iranians are you. Are ordered not open like I don't wanna cry I don't want a half hour when it. I just thought about who they. Don't want to I don't want to be here want to beat. You know is is they're Criss. Ordered I know. Indian I'll put my television ways. That you know what our needs and what is barely let them know. I support and let them know we can't let them know that they're not alone and that was not the season that was not I don't Asian. I can't worry about I can't think about these alien and it hurt me instead when his family is going to like. Manny Manny might. It is is is so ample that people don't even under any. We can't explain it we can't explain it to you. The EU under. Let I just had to beat does the media they can support we have been and we income is so. I may not only are around the room that is how the family are counting every party our home within the Sharpton needs of the aisle. I was okay although a Libyan. George Lewis funeral would be in want all of a slight. A mayor or the. This is a reads well. Ugliness in America. In it hurts OK. And it took me allow the gated together but that is. I kept asking Donald why did this. Why why aren't looking at a Meehan in his can't it. Has been a risk. Is it that you. Cannot continue to add my OBI could not get myself together one million in one is it rock. Because. Out I was emotional. And I couldn't. And finally when they started to knee started to calm down. And once I calmed down I was okay ER order. Maybe he doesn't modern Nagy he was the Bethel they aren't into Kirk says stay well. Because we obesity. And I think now. We weekend no longer Goler is no longer could you are allowed in there are people. Vigilantes. Released and whoever trying to think you'll look we can no longer do. And that's why you've seen so many. We can no longer than. And if I'm pretty sure I'm not only 1 AM enough is enough. If they have got killing us. I'm not the only one missing and let lab man. We we did so sick and tired of is. Oh wait we could feel an African American. William H of those protests a scenario want to ask you about that Allison said that she felt that something was different. Other people say they feel there's something different when you see these growing protest and they are growing by the day. And black and white hands all faced up in the air. Does that save you to something feels different right now Smart. But I don't want it outlines an act. You don't like that about eighty. Band and Edmonton irony. You know alive and he. And clear and or a mayor and then. I know. By it. Cleared you know a lot of them are not out of DR mark. And they eighty do you have enough market governor. And governor out. Capital and governor. That panel where they are. Ali. EO of cracker and or in the everything should be. You know actually happened the deal. Went to an end an eight you know I don't act. We are. People really need any. Pro active making it out. That it will be. Or aren't. Are down. You know that the government law but aren't there and enamel right away. Out patient evident that you know nobody can be comfortable and they certainly and I want out. Win card let me ask you about the protests are you heartened by the protested they give you hoping what do you want to see come out of this current movement of people say. Feels a little different. It. But it. Well. All. It. Law. Yeah and it. It. I. Oh. Well. Poll. 000. Oh. He. Well. And I. Yeah. Well all. We. Oh. Oh. A moment that's a very good point he's got to be a movement in not a moment I've heard that that said before and I like what you said cities. His demonstration is good but it's going to be legislation. What's the wreck our president rob and I was invites that ID nine. I just that some trepidation that. It. Mullah political on and it was any hydrogen balloon. Com moon let's read politicians. How well Ari. Yeah a couple he is well president drums each caught me. And the close one with any day. Let me in my friends that tragic day and honor roll and bulletin. I mean I well all you when Agnew did in eight. But I didn't exactly follow Ali it is an idiot got. I am a guy who is not rocket each. I didn't let. It lead to loot. Motorola might. Be bought our. Wet I well armed trading at an issue because accordions on the guy I. You most expensive each read I had to eighteen in that. People think Clinton all of archery and does not meet in Sri. Goal. We'll have the command and cheap and don't. That brought put your meaningless not you can look at. I can't eat and loans follow the mission. My son could have been unlocked and Antoine rolled and many Apollo. I don't look could have been guy. I say it but he's been bet that Sri. It. Ended involving a confrontation. With a black balloons and Bennett let me tell you hadn't yet the nation's reigning is not working. Goal it is calling on. Yet are you that there at the pot and look at I don't really indictment Gitlin. Until and Shaw got up. And neat I. Oh. The two who blood flow and that the training that is Gitlin is our duty little. The other thing that that I found let good about president trump. Address while the issue have been struck and then back. Guzzlers being in that came all com. Many Nikkei I think I wrote he would. Let me off with and independent children. I'm Ted got to try and look another buddy eat our. And let's be god. Absolutely not often we bend them and get an employment in other goodies are. Oh not gotten in the end hands and that president rob I had thought he would get it ought to have to show up really well. We have to pick out what added it up. Right now I eighty we have could be a group of selfish people. Because we have don't want club La. Says Dan. In solitude. I'm careful what it me. Give us our when you give us what we need to. On the local college who is what I am going well I know you'll my mom always told me. Cool to meet and thought the bull. Old that's what I did the residents runs each. I looked up all the litany. I took Albany got and it hit me I'd have a Bolden innuendoes. Are hoping that he. You rock and yet they shun mark. That and not who sat in America. Would not be I have three grams guns in America right. I'm a daughter. I am. No game. I am cues can't follow all of the game. But I am not shuttle. All the pros at and all the voices got every all of corporate America come in handy announced ladies started at white. That it would but I do you need that it can't. In visual beauty that name doesn't like Martin Luther King already had Kim beat Florida. We know how and in New London Saturday while. I don't let children and hologram. That's what so many people don't understand their fear that you feel to meet a let me ask you because everybody's talking about change. There has been some smaller chains at this point in Kentucky three honest law. That will now make it unlawful to do they know knock. Raids. Does Becky view. In need. Comfort at this point. His comfort. Order family's other families. Doesn't give me comfort her when its agreement. Column. You know not always been where people are still didn't eight east people aren't you know. Authorizes. The into the ground in front you know it's no comfort at arrow I'm definitely. Grateful that hopefully this doesn't happen to another and. A scenario let me ask you haven't registered a talking about any of these changes and things like that that have happened and obviously. Nothing has changed really in in in. Ohio for you but when you think about the shooting was ruled objectively. Objectively. Reasonable. To be said that it was reasonable in a report that he was shot and killed your twelve year olds on how do you. How do you wrap your mind around that. I didn't want to be fired he ended today. Just make sure. Animal. He. Did many. Little girl here nmap. I don't care what they. Mack did many of your ears and that. I RE a. Do you have much in the way hope that change is happening at this moment think more people are listening. NN for media executive ordered it was sad about the president actually just praying. It is it's a little pressure on the represented in in the they level. That they are at least encouraged to take action because the president. And action no matter our wallet while. I'm hoping that now. His quarters and the other Republicans whether Ian an Arnot congress relax that. 'cause he little. At least the initiative of signing an executive order it is okay to be Ka and band in your true. And do what is right. I'm hoping that he is just an example. I putting his signature on. Or those on the they will because at this point in my home state workers and our own be aware house. Or. And we can't get the Republicans on pork. I'm hoping. It at this point. His followers and the people or camp. Now say east Aaron something weak indeed. So maybe there is some pressure that comes from the top Sabrina let me ask. When you talk about. These are happening in your own communities you're even now running for office. On the tell us why and and what your hoping to accomplish. The reason why is. A league and they are arranged. I'm a passionate about our community. Out I want these agents here and there aren't that letting her knee who. All they are I truly believe belonged to people and you know. Who would ever. Crop is is is no way from being in the people's. Now. Miami Dade County commissioner. Miami Dade County are commissioner. And district line. And where Deborah prevail but when he forty years or treat our. But no amount of work are when you know her and just this time. So I actually beat out or whatever I was currently working. And are you. Com and OIR. If you elementary school knew who the winner graduated Ali in these these street. Lauren worry unit or and also. Graham hoping. My great grandmother my grandmother my mother and I really in the old. Is really near and dear to meet this week the bad people meet. I'm a change in Miami Dade County say they want to see in different Bayer. They're doing the same way I politicians in it wanna see right. And I believe I can go into it in there anywhere breaks new I'm not admit it in oh in any eight. And my only actually neo who aren't may not community safe are two to. I don't try it dealt what who how air war is it and it worked or how it. And to improve on the transportation. And the painting a bigger plane is a resident. I want to let you know I don't want to. Do you feel like this is something that you are almost called to do because of what happened trades on. Initially thought dad but his own mini vehicles that you eat is eight and makes me wonder I'll never Cuba are. My prediction August 8 and I asked everybody who live in bay county who. If you want any and you want a huge difference in your community and you want to press knew that the NN. No poison equal. When car I'm sure you probably wouldn't necessarily. Want to spend your life right now out there advocating doing that the easy you're doing you probably I'm sure many of you would like to be doing some different things how how. Tough this. Having to try to push forward India Iran BO voice and try to keep your son's name out when may be in if if this hadn't happened you could be doing something else in your life. Oh. Oh. Yeah. All or. Yeah well. Although it. He. Well. 0080. Oh. Affirmed need to hear what you have to say to read your stories and you know for so many people but I have a black seventy year old son and I just my heart hurts. And I can only imagine what yours feels right now. Talk to America if you would anyone of you can talk about this out what he it is. To be a black mother in America I think a lot of people don't really understand it beginning to hear. People have been posting things on social media saying I don't understand but I stand. Which one of you wants to talk about what that feels like at this moment being a black marker in America. At times in BO. 08. You feel helpless. Because you never know what you're gonna be watching in. Newman. Story eat your home in May be at home and the next day. You're it. You you never know win win and then name. Brand is there have been in it is going to be on Monday you know or on my. The using get enable it. And our money they already knew you'd you'd never know those eighty. You know than an old saying that we face because you're not an area in particular money. Oh. Went out and encourage people to do. A little it would have in which these tragedy. And think you're L would have been. Wouldn't that does not water would have that was not. Dealt with mom on. Just put your family member you low wind in their late. And then open your heart in what executed. And when they get him Bob and not an hour of media life not just about re hope. I'm I'm talking about really. And I'm not out. You can't continue to beast out. Because it could happen to you in humans who aren't. In US African American. Soon how the UUB you can borrow. You used by the mayor and how children. All or you'd and simple and your children if it. I'm pale in. You should not turned up a away from was right now. You're hot you're not allowed you to do so. You have given how whether that whether that look like voting. Whether they look like a registered no blow. Whether that would go attending jury duty whether there looks why. An. All whether it looks like protests and whether it looks like. In the letter the president the governor. Doug local issue. What are acting you went to the goose that you can no longer just be rally in. You have again because it could be your own. I'm looking at those pictures of trains on behind you is ever data goes by that you don't think about him. I want single day. I have another element on the arts schools. And end our own I had the key will win because our house. How the fight but you are. Lucky I can't do anything about rebar. Agent wasting half and went right. I don't did this tragedy already occurred which read more. You you know. That is certainly work to look they. Not all designs and are in every train mom I need everybody's mind into audited on his own lick in on him like. I can only do not enough and whatnot doing they are. You see a lot of the war ended now because the economic you know. They're doing something about in the U now the majority did. It in Chile. How the product. I was never purse and its spoke out. I would not look arts and bent pro I don't know I mean who my. I'm not what they are not. You know things and I'd leave the median in what I heard speak it it and don't weigh in New York. Involved now open doesn't happen here. None of us and be thrust into the world. Has become an op or most of us and I'm note for mass. I'm no longer have. Gone out. An arms deal willing to get out their legal weight closed and moved me. And in an open up some doors for some other people I personally alike it. Act Kindle it and I had on our year. Every black or should do I am out of the last needed I am black and I am crap. And anybody. Who is black should be out there on the rock lands right with us. I'm not on no longer science is a delight of my eyes aren't. Patty has gone. If act in a light a bun not the mothers out. I'm gone do it every day of the week. And I and I mean. I ain't got until I'm date. And I pray somebody in my family picks up the fight and Alison John let me ask. You that's when she talks about the fight going forward and you all are vowing to fight. What do you think you might be next year this time do you think they will be great. Progress. I like what I'm Ian. I eighty. Model one who would. Well. We got our. Let them see in right now all of enjoy it. I'm seeing corporate America come in. And apologizing. I am carrying. And it I'm talking about getting caught in our in the back. I am seeing Greece or recognition. By our nation. And some Rea Heidi broke I don't com. All that I lesions. On union executive audit nine. I saw that he narrates. This Friday while congress yet. Act let me it's our wall me. I am EN. Com broke. And I'm hoping that. Where we're I would be. In exchange needles. The company eradication. All that he added he and whites that. I am really. I don't believe that Roma an entity. But I do you eat that every day that we need. It that bet that the help and not black how many. Problems out for in what you win the like Sabrina. I will continue. Gotten them. I ER. I'm seeing what action. That I didn't need to. The end they are and how team Clinton. Let another. I don't mean live in the united a lot of you this then I live in an illusion. My children and old. Who go to America. He education. And why they wouldn't dare we were able to care and lighting and leave plenty in America. My gun bullet. Low. Dot. What does into the game. Was called me up. What he need. All Ivy League long willing yet that didn't audit and swallowing. All the action. And I didn't ought not an agent I'm car with our. Does have data on the he would eat. Have into Ed com on outlets should. I end up. I do the honorable and looking our big gains. Julian what the right well. I think it is like my son did but I doubt. It is that's hanging red mate Joseph. All the United Nations need to become dominant in need and I welcome given at a wrong idea then aren't you. I do you need their candidates in America. Brett couldn't. See many people are knee that knee. On behalf of John Lloyd and on behalf of all of college and while. Are these let me all of these white. What an in com. On our oceans. To hear you all. With your strength in your purpose in your resolve and your pain. To -- Palmer what is it like for you to be surrounded by this strong. Group of women who. Essentially put in their arms around you and everybody else who is suffering or not. I don't you know I'm no incidents position I didn't. I don't think I ever really angers him that my position it was I cried to what happened Gartner. Of course I'll always had. Not always. Was worried about what was Patton who. Are actually beat out no opposition and are seeing. Do you another identity and our half dot. Sometimes acting and we are being. It can happen. Because how many times if that doesn't read out here or is about these black women. And I'm now and I have a higher and I. And whatever I have DU paying any it's not want to do because. You never happened to another act Carter another black Erie. Like ascent on nuclear and I'm ready and I'm here not not only. Haven't I. You're his cannot. Well thanks so many of us should feel assays of strength and certainly. Humility after hearing what all of you have to say I have to say as a mother. A mother of a seventeen year old black son and a 21 year old black daughter. I don't think I've ever felt more vulnerable in more. Frightened and more exhausted and all of you ladies. With your pain in your purpose give me hope. So I want to thank you so much all of you for your time and for your honesty. And just for your willingness to share and I want to thank you all so much for being here.

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{"duration":"58:53","description":"'GMA' brought together seven mothers, who have all lost children, for a conversation with ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts to discuss their journeys and sacrifices as Black mothers in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71728823","title":"Their Painful Bond: Black Mothers Speak Out Together on Their Unimaginable Loss","url":"/GMA/News/video/painful-bond-black-mothers-speak-unimaginable-loss-71728823"}