Parents magazine highlights the best gear for a baby's 1st year

The breakdown includes the best new strollers, carriers and cribs to get keep babies safe.
3:20 | 12/07/19

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Transcript for Parents magazine highlights the best gear for a baby's 1st year
We have real-life babies in the studio. Time for the best of baby awards. Moms and dads are always on the hup for the smartest and safest products for their kids. Now, "Parents" magazine is highlighting all the best gear for baby's first year breaking down the best new products as well as reader favorites, editor in chief, Julia Edelstein is here with us live and all you need to know. We also have a baby on the way right over here, janai Norman, so this is important stuff. Good morning. Thanks for having me. Thanks so much for being here. We're going to start with our first one and need help from mom and adorable baby. Come on out. Ah. Check out this stroller and this adorable little one inside. This stroller wins best luxe stroller prize, and, Julia, this was actually a reader favorite. Yes, we had more than 1,000 parents vote and they picked the uppababy vista. This which is such a smooth ride. So comfortable for baby. Huge undercarriage for storage. This seat reclines up for baby. Huge place for storage and you can add a second seat, a rumble seat for when you have two. And baby-sits up so nice. I love this. All right, so our next product, come on out. This wins best seated carrier and this looks good. Looks like it's good on your back too. Tell us about this one. Yeah, this is a very special new -- My mom eye for it. And what's cool about it, if you look in the tush region here, there's an actual seat to support the baby so not supported by you and your hips. So it's amazing for moms and dads on their backs. This does feel good on your back. Yes. Does it come with the cute kid and the cute hat as well? I know. This actually comes off. If you want, you can just wear this around your house and have the baby. It's like an extra hip and storage in here for your phone. Love that. It's a really great product. Our next product here goes to best travel crib. So we'll put our little ribbon right on there. This is important for parents on the go. Yeah, so this is really amazing. It's the nuna sena aire. You see we have the folded up version. And that is the crib in its full form but it's a one-step setup. Literally, you just pull this down or you push it down and it turns into the crib. It's amazing for tired parents who don't time for that complicated setup. Our baby model is already it's so comfortable. Perfect for grandma's house. Yes, like stop yelling at me. All right. Our next one goes to our last prize is the lounger for best floor seat which is right over here. Tell us about that. My breast friend or the boppy. Yeah, this is the boppy newborn lounger. It is so comfortable. When the baby is going in here, they get so relaxed. Something about the posture. Put it on the floor. We have it propped up but it's really meant for the floor for safety. And what's great if they spit up or whatever on it, it can go right into the washer and dryer. Don't have to take anything off. Good as new. Prop them right up in it. Exactly. Love that. Janai, you taking notes? I'm completely taking notes. Like I said, those pillows really come in handy. I said my breast friend because like the breast-feeding ones, too. And you can't hold the baby forever. ...6, 7, 8

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The breakdown includes the best new strollers, carriers and cribs to get keep babies safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67564901","title":"Parents magazine highlights the best gear for a baby's 1st year","url":"/GMA/Family/video/parents-magazine-highlights-best-gear-babys-1st-year-67564901"}