These are the 'supermoms' heading to the Tokyo Olympics

Allyson Felix and Quanera Hayes are blazing a path for other parents.
2:55 | 07/09/21

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Transcript for These are the 'supermoms' heading to the Tokyo Olympics
We are back with the super moms headed to Tokyo to compete at the olympics. In addition to being among the very best athletes in the world, Allyson Felix and quanera Hayes are helping to blaze a path for other janai Norman has their story. Reporter: Meet the olympian moms balancing motherhood, training and going for the gold at the Tokyo games. It's Allyson Felix getting a Reporter: Allyson Felix is a six-time olympic gold medalist but this is the first time she'll head to the games as a mom giving birth to her daughter Cameron two years ago, she's now gearing up for what's likely her final olympic games. Training in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. What was that like for you? Just a lot of chaos, I was doing a lot of my training, literally around my house, so I was running in the streets in front of my home and I was in the gym in our garage and, you know, my daughter is looking down from above without my support system, I wouldn't have been able to do this. Reporter: 35-year-old Felix is now making it her mission to support fellow mom athletes by partnering with apparel company athlete in the women's sports foundation to launch the power of she fund which is committing $200,000 in grants to help cover child care costs for athletes across the upcoming Tokyo summer games and the beijing winter olympics next year due to covid families of olympic athletes won't be able to make the trip to Tokyo, though nursing children will be allowed to join their moms. What can you tell us about the recipients of those grants, what this will mean to them. Child care is one of the huge barriers that we have to overcome. They're mothers with children under 18 and all incredible athletes, a handful of them are headed to Tokyo. I really do hope also that this spurs some industrywide change and we look to support, you know, women holistically. Reporter: Athletes like quanera Hayes who beat Felix during the olympic trials is looking forward to her first olympic appearance while balancing being a parent to her 2-year-old son Demetrius. I try to prioritize everything. When I'm at practice I'm at practice. When I'm home I'm engaged with him. Reporter: The two and their kids met on track during the trials. Give a hug, baby. Ah. Reporter: An emotional moment for the two moms looking to cement their spots in olympic history. I had been through so much coming back from having my daughter, our kids, you know, it just made it feel like all of that was really worth it. To have them actually there and to be able to experience that moment and watch their mothers, you know, make the olympic team for the U.S., it was -- it was very unreal and, you know, we're super mommies. Reporter: For "Good mrning America," janai Norman, ABC news, New York. We are very excited to see Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Chokshi, your health commissioner.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Allyson Felix and Quanera Hayes are blazing a path for other parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78749751","title":"These are the 'supermoms' heading to the Tokyo Olympics","url":"/GMA/Family/video/supermoms-heading-tokyo-olympics-78749751"}