Surprise Mother’s Day brunch

We surprise our friend Maya Feller with a special Mother's Day brunch at Tribeca's Kitchen in New York City with her family.
2:38 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for Surprise Mother’s Day brunch
feller. She thought she was doing a spring produce segment when in reality we worked up a mother's day surprise. Oh, my god. Just for her. There she is receiving the news of the surprise. Before the actual surprise. Yes, before we blindfolded her. We blindfolded Maya, whisked her away from the farmer's market and brought her to tribeca's kitchen here in new York, they have put together a great spread and Maya's family is standing by. What a spectacular mother's day brunch. So let's bring Maya back in. There she is looking like a kidnapped victim in the back of the car, blindfolded. Maya, go ahead. You can take that blindfold off now, and then step out of the vehicle please. There you go. There she goes. There they are. It's your family. Happy mother's day. Maya, we wanted to honor and pcelebrate you this mother's day weekend. You are a dear friend to us. Thank you. Here at "Gma." Even got the puppy in there. I'm so moved, you guys, you have no idea. I'm so moved. Thank you so much. You have to see the food. She hasn't even seen the food yet. Oh, my goodness. And I thought I was going to talk about ramps and fiddle head ferns and then here's all this absolutely gorgeous food. Hi, sweetie pie. Look at the pomsky. Oh, my goodness, this is You'll be happy to hear -- Thank you so much. There's a lot of green juice and ancient grains, and things I know you get excited about. I don't know if we got fiddle heads in there -- I think it's fiddle ferns. Fiddle ferns, sorry. Fiddle heads, fiddle ferns. The chef is really taking care of you there, but I do want to bring in a member of your family. Anais, is there anything you want to say to your mom on this mother's day eve? I love you. Oh, she just said she loves me which is incredible because guess what, I love you to the moon and back. You all, thank you so much. This is incredible. I am absolutely moved and so grateful to be a part of the "Gma" family. I just -- I'm speechless. Well, we love having you part of our family. Happy mother's day to you, and we've gotten to know your family as well, especially during the pandemic. They have been her technical crew behind the scenes as well. We love your husband as well who has been the cameraman. Expert photographer. Happy early mother's day. A bit camera shy, but here I am. There he is. Enjoy your brunch, and we'll talk to you soon for sure. So great for them.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"We surprise our friend Maya Feller with a special Mother's Day brunch at Tribeca's Kitchen in New York City with her family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77574745","title":"Surprise Mother’s Day brunch","url":"/GMA/Family/video/surprise-mothers-day-brunch-77574745"}