TikTok updates privacy protections for teen users

Almost two years after the app paid out $5.7 million in Federal Trade Commission fines for violating children’s privacy rights, TikTok unveils new privacy measures to address those complaints.
3:07 | 01/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok updates privacy protections for teen users
I ain't gonna turn out of GMA parent and alert. In a big announcement this morning from one of the most popular social media apps during the pandemic pick topped unveiling new privacy protection for teens. And our Becky were early joined us with more good morning Becky. Morning Michael in 2019 pick up paid out five point seven million dollars in Federal Trade Commission fines over accusations. They violated children's privacy rights when the apple is known as musically. This morning almost two years later tick tock unveiling new privacy measures to address those complaints. Tick tock. I'm in same dances says she'll ski borders it's the hottest platform for today's teens. But this morning the app announcing new privacy settings for users under eighteen. Tick tock telling ABC news starting today we're changing the deep fault privacy setting for all registered accounts ages thirteen to fifteen to private. Meaning all followers must be approved by the user or the setting must be manually changed to public are also limiting comments on videos created by their youngest official users teens thirteen to fifteen can now only choose to allow comments from friends. Or from no one at all on their posts the company saying the every one can comment option is being removed for this age group. When the air is extensive commenting on a video know very frequently there's bullying that's going on. You talk has a very young audience. And without a young audience comes a lot of responsibility. While these changes are moved toward keeping predators and bullying and may. Without any age verification for setting up an account kids ten bypass the protections. Dick have told us they have a parallel app for children under twelve called tick tough for younger users it has cure rated contents her kids. Now all we're in great healer tick tack they also have a restricted mode that parents can put on their kids account with a password lock but here's a problem. Yesterday put restricted mode on my take talk accountant scroll to the first twenty or so videos my eyeballs are bleeding basically a lot of what I found. Seem pretty inappropriate for young kids I'm no prude but Michael if that's restricted mode what's. Not restricted get but for those parents out there you say would you said about still the first twenty. Magi bold so what do you suggest pairs do. Well you know that those parental controls in tick tock even they're not perfect it's better than nothing so. Do switch on restricted mode make sure they're tic tac accounts are set to pry that so that only friends can you their post. Turn off commenting by strangers on a limit direct messages to only friends. And also just limit their time using nap and if you want to block it entirely both apple and Google have parental controls in the operating system. That lock out downloads I have them blocked on my kids devices there's just too young it'll come later. It's hard when your mom is Kiki Michael to have mom a far from being eaten that we love your advice thank you so let Vickie as always.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Almost two years after the app paid out $5.7 million in Federal Trade Commission fines for violating children’s privacy rights, TikTok unveils new privacy measures to address those complaints.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75217917","title":"TikTok updates privacy protections for teen users","url":"/GMA/Family/video/tiktok-updates-privacy-protections-teen-users-75217917"}