After years in a wheelchair, man walks down the aisle on his wedding day

Although a football injury left him in a wheelchair, Chris Norton was determined to find a way to walk down the aisle to marry Emily Summers-Norton.
7:09 | 04/27/18

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Transcript for After years in a wheelchair, man walks down the aisle on his wedding day
I am so happy right now. You'll know why. This is a feel good story. I'm going to introduce you to an incredible man who has been inspiring me and so many others for years. Chris Norton was just 18 years old when a football injury left him paralyzed from the neck down but he is refusing to let that hold him back. He opens up about it in the latest issue of "People." We're going to speak to him and his beautiful bride Emily in just a moment but first their story. You may kiss your bride. Reporter: It's a picture this bride and groom always dreamed of but for Chris and Emily walking down the aisle was not easy. In fact, it was years in the making. The story started seven years ago. Chris Norton, a football player at Luther college suffered a life-changing accident. A spinal cord injury that left him in a wheelchair. His doctors only giving him a 3% chance of ever walking again. But three years later Chris' life changed again when he met Emily. His future bride. Emily and Chris an invincible team. Emily helping Chris to walk again and Chris -- Will you please marry me and share my life? Reporter: Asking her to be his wife. Just one day after Emily said yes, Chris attended his college graduation. Reporter: Where he miraculously walked with Emily's help. That video going viral. And Chris telling us that he was not done fighting. Future plans? Well -- Date set. Walk down the aisle with Emily. Chris set out to make it happen. Training four hours a day five days a week, Emily his constant partner. Hi, Chris, take you Emily. On the couple's big day just this past weekend, Chris making his dream a reality. Chris and Emily walking down the aisle and into their future as husband and wife. Please give a warm welcome to Chris and Emily. It's so good to see you both. So happy to be here. So great to have you back. I mean, you are a man of your word. You said you were going to do this. I am. I am. And you made it happen. Chris, you know, so many people almost 100% of people who go through what you went through are told, you're not going to walk again. It's not going to happen. How did you make it happen. First I put my trust in god and get that right and just went to work. What can I do to improve myself and each and every day I just focused on getting better just a little bit at a time and when your future will take care of itself when you take care of today and that was my mind-set. That was my motto. It was like what can I do to maximize this day and each and every day I just maximized myself. I would say focus big, dream dream but focus small. You focused on day-to-day things that could get to your goal and you made it happen so even though you were both here and said you would do it what was that moment like. It was unbelievable because I was doing it with Emily. Emily is the love of my life. She's incredible. She's absolutely wonderful. She's wonder woman without the cape and to be able to just like share that together, I didn't do it for her but we did it together as a team and as a couple and to know that I'm going to have her by my side forever and that we're going to take those next steps as married in love and it was just unbelievable just knowing how far I've come and the work that it took to make that moment happen. You worked really hard for this. What was it like for you? It was such an incredible moment. I think back to when we started walking side by side. Chris couldn't even take one step and so to see him at that point to where it just was this last weekend it's such an incredible thing, hard work always pays off. You have to sacrifice, you have to work really hard and follow god's plan and so it was such Ang incredible moment. I am so thankful to Chris and the fact that I found somebody who loves god as much as I do because we realize when you put god first everything else falls if place. It does. We have a Christian school from Texas in the corner and they're like nodding along with everything you're saying right now. It's so true. It is. You believe that and you live that. All right. Okay, so they got this going on but do you also know these two young'uns foster five children under the age of 8. How do you do it. We love it. It is the best thing we've ever done. I no he this sounds crazy but my life has never been easier. I'm way busier but I have just found my passion and my purpose and I love it and it feels so easy and I just think about there are so many kids out there who don't have that loving family. They have gone through unimaginable things we can never -- like we can't imagine and we to be a part that have every single day seeing the stance formation from where they were to where they are, there's nothing better. And that's why we're foster parents because we believe that every single kid deserves to have a family and we know that we can be a part of that. And you are. You are. You're making that difference. And I love the fact you have been working on a documentary because there's so many -- there's so many aspects of what you've gone through, Chris, and Emily that people can learn from so tell us about the documentary that you're working on. We're working on a documentary called "Seven yards" and that's tracks everything from that injury on October 16th, 2010 all the way up to that walking moment with Emily as a married couple because so much went into that walk. It wasn't like, oh, a week ago, we should walk down the aisle. It was seven years in the making, seven years of sacrifice and hard work so we're just thankful to be able to share what really made that walk happen and then for me to also have a motivational speaking career to share the steps and actions I took that anyone can take because we're all facing adversity. Everybody has sog. To be able to share that with other people and through a book we're working on together is really special and gives us meaning in life and we want to help other people. Thank you for making your mess your message as you're doing and also know you guys like Broadway, don't you? Yes. Well, how about a little date night. Bring this on in. So we're going to give you -- Thank you so much. The show "Frozen." Rolling out the red carpet. Y'all deserve a date night. Thank you. We have a lot of fun. I can't believe it's been seven years since you've been here and can't wait to see what you'll do in the future. Thank you, you'll forever be a part of the "Gma" family. We love you guys. Have fun tonight. Yes, we will. Thank you. You can read more of Chris and issue of "People." It is out today. You'll want to get that.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Although a football injury left him in a wheelchair, Chris Norton was determined to find a way to walk down the aisle to marry Emily Summers-Norton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54774924","title":"After years in a wheelchair, man walks down the aisle on his wedding day","url":"/GMA/Family/video/years-wheelchair-man-walks-aisle-wedding-day-54774924"}