Chef's tip for the easiest way to perfectly cook green vegetables every time

The City Harvest Food Council chairman said to try it with other green veggies.

This easy cooking hack will lock in the vibrant color and create perfectly cooked yet crisp green beans every time.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, chairman of City Harvest's Food Council, shared his simple cooking method with "Good Morning America."

"A good tip is always use plenty of salted water when blanching any vegetable," Zakarian said. "A good rule of thumb is for one pound of vegetables, use two gallons of salted boiling water."

After dropping the fresh vegetables into the rolling boil and once cooked to preferred doneness, Zakarian scoops the beans out of the pot using a spider tool and quickly drops them into a large bowl of ice water.

The process shocks the chemicals and stops the cooking process while holding onto their bright green hue.

He added, "This is a great tip for all green vegetables and leafy greens. It helps lock in the chlorophyll and keeps the green color bright. It is great for broccoli, beans, chard, broccolini and asparagus as well."