These sparkly rainbow cookies are next level

Zola Bakes puts a modern spin on the traditional rainbow cookie.

What's better than a rainbow cookie? A rainbow cookie topped with chocolate and glitter!

Samantha Zola, who studied at The French Pastry School of Chicago and has worked for famous bakeries including Épicerie Boulud and Magnolia Bakery, turned her love for rainbow cookies into a business.

Traditionally, rainbow cookies are made with an almond-based sponge cake, layered with jam and dyed red, white and green. Zola put a millennial spin on the Italian cookie, adding different colors, fillings and, of course, glitter.

The company has grown over the past few years purely from e-commerce, shipping nationwide, and scoring over 16,000 followers on Instagram. For the rainbow cookie lover in your life, Zola's rainbow cookie brownies and rainbow cookie cakes are scoring lots of likes on social media.