Chef JR Rusgrove shares how to make Nacho Burgers and Kicked-Up Street Corn

Transform your burgers and corn this summer with these mouthwatering recipes from the owner of Pure Foods, Inc. and Main Street Pint & Plate in Bristol, Connecticut.
6:48 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for Chef JR Rusgrove shares how to make Nacho Burgers and Kicked-Up Street Corn
here getting loose got to blame it on the goose Robin, you got on the road. You're doing some cooking with one of your favorite chefs. I was just joking earlier. Everybody knows you can cook, robin. No, no, no. T.J., I've been hearing you all morning long giving me a hard time. Don't tie to may nice. He's the man. We are in Bristol, Connecticut. My old ESPN stomping grounds. Even the mayor of Bristol has come out. She's the one in the lime green mask over there. Neighbors are out here. This is big doings. This man is beloved here in Bristol. He has many restaurants. He and his wife Leanne out there as well and like so many restaurant owners, this has been a difficult, difficult time with the pandemic but you know what, they keep marching on. For over a decade, J.R. And Leanne rusgrove have lived their dream of opening and running a restaurant in Bristol, Connecticut. In 2011 they lost their first restaurant to a fire. It was destroyed. Everything we had just worked for was gone. Reporter: A few months later they lost another to hurricane Irene. If basically just washed right through the center of the building. There were chairs floating, menus floating and just shaking my head in disbelief. Reporter: In and 2016 a new restaurant turned into a total loss. The entire septic system went down. We never turned a nickel profit on that one. Reporter: No matter flame, flood or setback, the pair pushed through, even during the covid-19 pandemic, J.R. And Leanne opened a to go themed restaurant. We opened up pure foods and having amazing success over there. Reporter: Committed to the community and dreams, this duo always finds the strength to bounce back. I think when you love food and you love this world and you love your customers, you get over things pretty quick. And, you know what, we love this man right back. He loves each and every one of his customers, he and his wife and J.R. Rusgrove. Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning. Now, this is not -- this is his wheelhouse but not being on but I want you to know this man so you'll make nacho burgers. Nacho regular burgers. Fwhach Cho regular burgers. So what we'll do, very important. First step in a perfect burger, you want an 80-20 blend. Go to your butcher. You want 80% sirloin, 20% chuck -- sorry chuck sirloin, come home and make your patties. Put a little salt and pepper on them and let them firm up. Don't want anything chilled on your grill. When you're ready to grill. Take them out and let them sit for 45 minutes then put them onto your grill. Make sure your grill is super hot. You want a super hot grill. How long on the grill do you think. It depends on your taste. If you like well done probably ten minutes plus on a burger. Eat it medium rare you back it down from there. Let's make it. What are the fixings? The first thing we do I'll bring you over a burger. Socially distanced. We are socially distanced. Put that burger on there. These are beautiful, beautiful brioche rolls. That's probably one of the best rolls you can use for a burger. Miss robin, you start with the gouda dip. What is had? A gouda queso made from smoked gouda, Monterey jack cheeses then you put caramelized onions. Caramelized onions. With a little bit of balsamic vinegar. Preach, baby, preach. I love it. Now what? Then this is the start of the show. Put those Fresno peppers that are pickled. Put that on top of the onions. Ooh. Amazing. It's a messy burger. Love that. Then the tricolored corn chips. Makes it a nacho. That makes it beautiful and gives it crunch, texture and looks very, very pretty and that's it, folks. That's truly your nacho regular burger right there. It's absolutely delicious. Trust me, it is. You make sure you have a great pickle. Good burger, great pickle. The sides? We'll do our "Gma" kicked up street corn. If you've never had street corn make it at home. Simple and amazing. So, miss robin, I'm going to give to you a piece of corn that we have grilled. Okay. I'm going to put it right here. You can use the black tongs if you want. It is hot. First thing, put on the cilantro. Yes, yes, yes. Aioli which is right there. Slather it on. Get it all in there. Yeah. The tongs may help. T.J. Thinks I can't cook. He has no idea. I've seen her make reservations. I make a darned good reservation. Next, role it into co-heat to cheese. What kind of cheese. Cohito from Mexico. It's like a Mexican feta. Creamy. Even if you don't like cheese you have to try this. Give it a nice coating. Perfect. Put that back onto the plate. Good job then you'll grab that in the bottle. Chili -- I knew what that was. You can get that at any local Mexican market. Absolutely amazing. Just give it a sprinkle all over. Gives it color. It's a chili lime citrus based type of rub. Okay. Then after that you want to sprinkle with a little fresh cut cilantro we have right there that my wife Leanne chopped up. Thank you, Leanne. Thank you, Leanne. Take a fresh lime squeeze, a lime wedge and give it a squeeze over the corn. Oh, wow. And you got yourself your "Gma" kicked up street corn. Oh, my gosh. It is -- if you're not a corn person or if you don't like cheeses I'm telling you, just try this because my wife is kind of a picky eater and now we can't cook it enough here at the house. In the time we have remaining how do you keep your strength and resilience with all you have going on? I know you opened a new restaurant, pure foods. The mayor has been very helpful. What keeps you going, J.R.? People. We are motivated by people. We are motivated by our community. We're motivated by the fact that people come out and support us. We have been through so much in the 12 years we've been in the restaurant business and have very amazing friends in this world. And if the people drive us forward and no matter what tenacity, whatever befalls us we wake up the next morning and put our best foot forward because we know we need to be here. There's a reason why restaurants need to exist and I got to say to all my brethren that are going through some really bad covid things, hang in there. Hang in there, hang in there and just fight till the end. Don't stop swinging. Thank you, J.R. We'll stop on our way out.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Transform your burgers and corn this summer with these mouthwatering recipes from the owner of Pure Foods, Inc. and Main Street Pint & Plate in Bristol, Connecticut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71625704","title":"Chef JR Rusgrove shares how to make Nacho Burgers and Kicked-Up Street Corn","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chef-jr-rusgrove-shares-make-nacho-burgers-kicked-71625704"}