Chefs answer viewer questions on Thanksgiving prep

Chefs Eden Ginshpan, Jeff Mauro and Jamika Pessoa answer viewer questions about Thanksgiving preparation.
6:47 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for Chefs answer viewer questions on Thanksgiving prep
spend your mornings with us. Questions from some of our viewers for our Thanksgiving 911 chefs, Eden, Jeff and Jamika, you guys ready to answer the Eden, Nicole on Facebook ask what is can I do to spice up my avy if it's too bland? Yes, absolutely. I love this tip. So a lot of people complain about bland gravy. Go into your fridge and grab the soy sauce. Put a soy sauce splash in your gravy and let me tell you, the flavor, the saltiness is beautiful and brings so much depth. If you don't want to go that route you can 100% grab the herbs and put sage, bay leaf and let it slowly come together and finish with fresh parsley. Don't underestimate seasoning, salt and pepper are your best friend. Go small because a lot of salt doesn't taste good the gravy speaking from experience. Cate asks, what to do if my gravy becomes too fatty or grease. Another common problem. Yes, absolutely. So take your gravy, purr it into a measuring cup and either put it in the fridge or in the freezer, okay. And what's going to happen is all of the gr all the fat is going to rise to the top and solidify. What you can do is just skim the fat right off the top and put it obviously -- throw it away and take your gravy and put it back on the stove and you'll get rid of that greasy fattiness. Good inform. Jeff, over to you for the sides. We have a video from our viewer jade. Take a look at this. Hi, Jeff. How do I prevent my mashed potatoes from becoming gluey? Any tips? All right. Well, my first tip is don't overwork them so they get gluey, all right, if they do happen to become gummy or gluey, add more facility to the party. Everybody loves fat, a good way to hide the glueyness. Room temperature cream cheese. A big block of that, thin it out with half and half. I know you're saying, wow, that's a ton of fat but it's Thanksgiving who is counting calories or fat this Thanksgiving. You whisk in there and bake it. Put it in a casserole dish with butter on top and makes it a whole different element. Almost like a whipped potato fatty casserole. Next, you know, you pull out that waffle iron too. If have you leftover stuffing, the next day, all you want to do, again, Jamika, use that waffle iron for awesome cinnamon beat an egg, put more stock in there and make it a little tighter then you get these crispy edges and can you make the greatest leftover Thanksgiving sandwich with that leftover Turkey and like to drizzle hot honey and everybody will love you in your house for a change. Especially at my house. We'll move on to dessert. Jamika, Lauren from Facebook ask, what can do with leftover pumpkin puree? All right, there's a new things you can do. Put tablespoons in your morning smoothie and add fiber if you want to get healthier tomorrow morning or simmer pumpkin puree with corn syrup, sugar and a little bit of water and make a sierp. I love to pour mine over vanilla ice cream. You see how real -- look at that. Or it can go over pancakes, either way makes a great syrup. If you're not pumpkined out after that, fresh herbs, melted butter, rosemary and parmesan cheese makes for a great pasta filling. Love that. We got one more on desserts, Jamika, from Vanessa wants to know how to perfect the lattice on the pies. Oh, yes, everyone loves that lattice print but seems so complicated. It is really simple. So what I want you to do is roll out your pie dough a few inches over your pie dish. We want it to hang over to work wit. I cut my cold pie dough into strips here and it's really about alternating a pattern and staying focused. What I'll do is roll back every other strip like so and then I will put down one strip, got it. And then you'll put that down and then you'll come back and every strip that you didn't do before you'll Rom that back. Like so. And then you'll put another strip down there and work all the way to the edge and seal all of your edge, make sure you trim off the excess, put egg wash on top and bake it off and you have the perfect lattice pie pattern anybody would love and grandma would be really proud of you. Yeah, that's going to look good on Instagram too, right? It is Turkey day so we have one more Turkey question for Eden. This one is from Kimberly. Take a look. It's my first Thanksgiving at home and I really want to do this right. I need tips for carving the Turkey. Yes, absolutely. I like to carve myurkey the same way I carve my chicken. I always start with my leg, okay. Take the legs off right here and then you want to remove actually the drumstick from the thigh. Then I like to remove the actual wings and then right here, you'll see that there is a line right down the middle. That is the breast plate so you want to take your knife. Make sure it is incredibly sharp, okay and you just want to run your knife all along down the breast plate and because the legs will be off it should easily, keep going, should come off easily. Lay your Turkey breast down and slice it right against the Turkey breast so each piece has an actual piece of skin on it for me. Very important. Skin is the best part so you want to make sure you get skin on piece and then you just arrange it beautifully on a platter like so. The breast is sliced. You have your drumstick, you have your wings, put some beautiful citrus, put some herbs and then bring it to the table with your gravy and then just, you know, go for it. You just got to pour that gravy rier there and everyone will be so, so happy. Yeah, don't mold hold back on the gravy or the skin. Skin to win on Thanksgiving. Hey, thank you guys so much. Head to our website for these tips and once again thank you to our chefs for two days of Thanksgiving 911. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, your loved ones. We truly appe it and know our viewers at home do as well.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Chefs Eden Ginshpan, Jeff Mauro and Jamika Pessoa answer viewer questions about Thanksgiving preparation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74416740","title":"Chefs answer viewer questions on Thanksgiving prep ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chefs-answer-viewer-questions-thanksgiving-prep-74416740"}