How to create double-duty meals for dinner, breakfast

Chef Jason Goldstein of Chop Happy shows viewers how to prepare a sheet pan steak and crispy potatoes for dinner and remix it into a steak and hash brown breakfast burrito.
4:22 | 01/23/21

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Transcript for How to create double-duty meals for dinner, breakfast
All right, we are back now with double duty dinner. This morning, we are cooking up a dish that keeps on giving, a delicious dinner that you can easily then turn into breakfast and a feast at that. Chef Jason Goldstein of chop happy is here to show us two for one kitchen wizardry. Jason, good morning to you. Good to have you. We have our taste testers ready to go. Already getting started. But first up for dinner, though, you're going to show us how we make this mouthwatering sheet pan steak and crispy potatoes. How do you get this thing started? Well, good morning and I'm so grateful to be on. So we are going to take yukon gold buttery fluffy potatoes and boil them in chicken stock for 11 minutes. That automatically soaks in flavor into it and then we're going to take these hot potatoes and we're going to drain them and put them on the sheet pan. So to get started we actually season the sheet pan first with olive oil, salt and pepper. This way you don't need to flip the potatoes to season them so it saves a step. We will crush these potatoes. No need for fancy equipment, just use a glass. So take the bottom of the glass and we're going to crush all our worries from the day away so we have an awesome, awesome dinner. Just like that and we crush all those potatoes and then what we're going to do is take olive oil and this is how you get them to crisp up in the oven, all over the potatoes and salt and pepper. Best friends forever right on top with a kiss of garlic powder. It's that simple to prepare the potatoes. All right. Let's talk about the meat. How do you prepare the steak? All right, two juicy New York strip steaks. I take the steak and put it in the refrigerator overnight and put lots of salt on it. This way it seasons all the way through. The salt is not just on the surface. It's right through the steak and then I take smoky citrusy chili seasoning right there. It has paprika, oregano, garlic. It's so good and put it right on both sides of the sec then what I do is put it in the oven and on 500 degrees top rack and four minutes per side and you get an awesome juicy steak and if you want this to be vegetarian or vegan use tofu and veggie stock instead and you have an awesome meal for everybody. Love that. Dan Harris' ears perked up a little tofu action. Everything smells fantastic. We'll walk over to the next table because this is my favorite part here. We'll pull double duty and give us breakfast the next morning. How do you turn this dish into steak and hashbrown breakfast burritos. So we are going to make handheld breakfast steak and hash brown burritos. We'll use burrito ingredients as well. We take the leftovers and put them into the burrito. So in this bowl I sauteed some onions and some peppers for about a minute on medium high then I add the potatoes and the steak and I let it go for about 30 seconds, cook through and we have salsa and cheddar cheese and we'll mix this altogether so it does the burrito dance just like that and everyone gets together. And then what we're going to do is a very important step so that your burrito rolls out really well. You'll take your tortilla and put it in a microwave for ten seconds, you'll make it pliable and won't break your burrito. So are you ready to get going? I'm following along. Walk me through it. All right, here we go. We'll take our burrito right on to a cutting board. We are going to take our mixture and put it right in the center and you want to leave about a one-third inch so this way between so you can fold it up. Now take left side and right side and keep rolling, do the burrito roll just like that. I'm still piling but I'll catch up, all right. You're doing a great job. You don't need to speed through this. This is leftover fun. There we go. And then when you're done you'll take this and put it on a pan, 30 seconds on medium high to seal it altogether and then you get carb happy juicy steak burrito. How cool is that? I'll eat this because it's already premade. Jason, thank you so much. We appreciate it. Thanks for breakfast. For these recipes and more go to We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Chef Jason Goldstein of Chop Happy shows viewers how to prepare a sheet pan steak and crispy potatoes for dinner and remix it into a steak and hash brown breakfast burrito.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75444454","title":"How to create double-duty meals for dinner, breakfast","url":"/GMA/Food/video/create-double-duty-meals-dinner-breakfast-75444454"}