Delicious dinner for the family, all in one dish

"Cakealikes" host Tregaye Frazer demonstrates how to cook up a quick dinner using just one pan.
3:32 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Delicious dinner for the family, all in one dish
We're back now with our one-pan game plan making meal time easy with dinner in a dish. This morning, "Cake likes" host tragaye Fraser is bringing us dinner. Cleanup will be a breeze. Tragaye, thank you for coming on. How do we get started here? All right, hey, hey, great to see you, the first thing we want to do is get your oven to 400 degrees, preheat your oven, make sure it's nice and hot, right? Then the next thing we do is make sure we mix our spices, take a bowl and mix in paprika. Some of that black pepper, some pink himalayan sea salt. I like to do granulated onion and garlic and oregano and thyme and parsley and mix it together. You have a tip for keeping the potatoes fresh? Yes, I do have a tip for keeping the potatoes fresh. Now, if you see here I have the potatoes in a bowl, right? Want those potatoes in a bowl in water submerged in water because if not they'll lose their color and turn brown and look a little muddy. So keep them in water until you're ready to use them then you take a baking sheet that's lined with parchment paper. You're going to take the potatoes out and then just shake off that excess water, put it on the pan and then you're going to add in those carrots, right? And then from there we're going to drizzle it with a little bit of olive oil over the top and then we're going to take half of the spice mix and just drizzle it all over the potatoes and the carrots, we're going to go right into the off within this at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and we're putting those in first because they take the longest. Now you tell us we can actually like keep the cleanup here to a minimum by using just one pan for this? Yes, that's the best part about this recipe, the cleanup, you can literally wipe off that piece of parchment. Wipe it off and enjoy the meal with your friends and add all the veggies to the pan, mushrooms and onions to those roasted potatoes and carrots, I'm going to add red bell peppers, I'm going to also add some asparagus, this is so colorful and beautiful. That's why I love it then I'm going to also add some sausage. Now for the vegetarians out there you can do a vegan or vegetarian sausage. If you don't like pork do a chicken sausage. This is very versatile then I'll add a little bit more olive oil and then we're going to add the rest of that spice mix, right over the top and then we will go back into the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes just until the vegetables get like fork tender because we still want them to have a little crunch and bite. We don't want them to be too mushy. How do you finish this off? All right. This is how we finish this party off. You are see that looking golden brown and delicious. You just pull those right out of the oven. Put them into your bowl. I like to top it with just a little bit of crushed red pepper and, again, like I said, easy cleanup. Wipe that parchment paper right off and enjoy your meal. Eva was saying you eat it right off the parchment paper. Eva is my girl because that's what I would do. Just kind of like pour the tray. Tragaye, thank you very much. Great job and remind everybody that "Cake likes" is streaming on discovery plus. Get this recipe by the way on

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"\"Cakealikes\" host Tregaye Frazer demonstrates how to cook up a quick dinner using just one pan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76152194","title":"Delicious dinner for the family, all in one dish","url":"/GMA/Food/video/delicious-dinner-family-dish-76152194"}