Kevin Curry shows Ginger Zee the recipe for quesadilla under 400 calories

Kevin Curry, who is behind the "Fit Men Cook" brand, shares the recipe for a healthy quesadilla that's under 400 calories.
43:47 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Kevin Curry shows Ginger Zee the recipe for quesadilla under 400 calories
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I'll. Would have been used there would even okay. Ian. Butler. In the black and eight. Well here. We'll. On occasion laughing got is an emblem. It. You know let and that's why it's not. At. My island. We are right. It is. The only. Real poll real. In the active Goldberg Philip. Or get it then. You better eat it don't worry about earned. That bat. It around seize on the. A. Sit there. Look. Yeah. And. It is right clearly. You are going to get. Not only are saying. And I'm. It ethically wrong or didn't look anywhere books console. Neck and look. Alone you know when he seen that I had an act. It wouldn't game run that story you know welcome to play. The people in. That's tonight and weather and so I'll just cut gray is detonated eighty yes. Our only get place now. Good and I sit well. You hear. Me. See. An X in alerts. Now this is this going to be my era in eight. And Sallie. Art at an. End at the bottom. Ranks. At. He elected that it. Out. Yet who who Ullman the it's. He hair and he could it take. It day. And dean. Being and it hit if my. And we'll. Let that order count three. The. I'm. Salon that's at how will my. Let. Me that York. A camera programs uncle of them and it's. I. And I'm. Through Ellis that there is an. Oh no friends and. Eight that you let them more you know like you look at the KG easier. They're being gay media. Now here's at. It and make it an act and everybody else. Asked about that men. And you. Thank you definitely appreciate. You know. But yeah. In. Hope you packed snow in parts in Sunday's. Blood. And honey yeah night. But the outlook about the passing out and you witness and I know it's eight. Yet that's.

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{"duration":"43:47","description":"Kevin Curry, who is behind the \"Fit Men Cook\" brand, shares the recipe for a healthy quesadilla that's under 400 calories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71775474","title":"Kevin Curry shows Ginger Zee the recipe for quesadilla under 400 calories","url":"/GMA/Food/video/kevin-curry-shows-ginger-zee-recipe-quesadilla-400-71775474"}