MVP Your Meal by transforming your dips for your next tailgate

Chefs Richard Blais, Jamika Pessoa, Michael White and Jean-Paul Bourgeois share tips for making the most delicious dips to please any crowd.
6:01 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for MVP Your Meal by transforming your dips for your next tailgate
Welcome back to "Gma." Football season is in full swing. The aprons are out and that means tailgating, everybody. All season long we are teaming up with some of our favorite chefs who are showing us how to MVP your meal. This morning, I dip, you did. We dip. That's right. Because we are putting the spotlight on a tailgate staple, I love a dip and we have an all-star lineup of chefs ready to take a deep dive. Chef Richard Blais on my team and Jamika Pessoa with Amy, George has city harvest chef Michael white and, Michael, teaming up with jean-paul bourgeois and doing the tasting we have members of the audience and this is a taste of Texas. This is a taste of Texas. It's queso. Speed wins and this is fast. One ingredient, onions going. Garlic, a little cumin, we'll add some Chile and poblano peppers. Those are burnt so this is a recipe anyone can cook because you literally want to burn the Chiles. I can do this. A little tomato. Jalapeno and, of course, our How long -- A bit of milk. How long are we doing this. This will go on the stove and cook until it gets ooey and gooey and chewy, can you match that, chefs? Take it to the next level, our queso will have -- we need an offensive line to this dish so this is smoked brisket. Smoked brisket. We'll just chop it up, barbecue brisket and the queso and top it with a lot of our smoked brisket and then we'll add some pico on top of it and finish it with some fresh cilantro. There you go, chefs. What's up? All right. So we're going low. Oh, yes. Low country dip, crab dip? That's what brings people together. Football and a low country crab dip. So I have all the ingredient, the sausage sauteing here and nicely browned with some butter, oh, yes, put in a little onion. We do a little fresh corn as don't want to brown them or burn them. Just get nice little color and garlic because a dip needs some garlic. Of course, yum. Put that breath in the competition's face. Let this brown and then we get to the cheesy creamy part. We have cream cheese in here and we also have a little mayo if you can start mixing that up for me and when you pull from that dip it should have nice cheese pull so doing three kinds of cheese. We have mozzarella going in, a little cheddar going in and a little parliament Sean. Yum. Nice. Oh, everything is and a little cajun seeing so once you mix all of that -- That smells so good. It is coming together nicely. Stir it all together, sausage, onion, corn and the seafood. When you're doing your lump crab, now, if you're going to invest the money on lump crab, fold it in gently. You want people to know you paid for some lump crab. Let them know you spent the money on this dip. You just want to fold it in not to lose any of the lumps. Gently fold in the crab and put it in a prepared baking dish and 400 degrees until nice and brown and tah-dah. Served with skewered roasted red potatoes and we are winning. We dip. We dip low. This is about simplicity. The Italian way is the hallmark simplicity, garlic, brush it on this crust making crostini, a store bought dough, crust is absolutely fine. We parmesan gelato. It looks just like gelato. We'll whisk this in, in with a little bit of cream and set it in the refrigerator. We're cool this down. Once it's set it looks just like this. Check that out. Like gelato. You got to tell us about the city hall charity event. Next week city harvest. 50 of the city's greatest chefs coming together. It's a wonderful event. I invite everybody to come down. City harvest. Jean-paul, we are up. We are making something I never thought you could make, chicken and waffle dip. All these guy, you've heard a lot. Real easy. No cooking involved here. We worry about taste. Fried chicken I had from the night before and took all the nice crispy bits and crust off. That's some Philadelphia cream cheese. Okay. All right. So mayonnaise, roasted peppers. Throw that cheese in for me. I love green onions in here, nice bite of sweet and onion. A little pepper. A little hot sauce. Hot sauce is boss in my house. That gets mixed sdmrup that gets mixed up. What we have here, this is how the waffle comes in. This is the playful part, the part that everything is like, dang, man, you know your stuff. Yeah, you do. Let's do it. I got this beautiful waffle cone and, look, it looks just like ice cream so that's your fried chicken dip that goes in. Hey, you want toppings, Mike? Yeah, I want some toppings. Crispy skin, some chives. And a little maple syrup. Got to finish with the maple. Bam. Chicken and waffle dip. There you go, America. You're welcome. That's right. A big thank you to all of our chefs and you can get all of these recipes on our website. Our taste testers, they're too

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Chefs Richard Blais, Jamika Pessoa, Michael White and Jean-Paul Bourgeois share tips for making the most delicious dips to please any crowd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66178765","title":"MVP Your Meal by transforming your dips for your next tailgate","url":"/GMA/Food/video/mvp-meal-transforming-dips-tailgate-66178765"}