'Pan banging' chocolate chip cookies is the new cookie trend

Sarah Kieffer, whose 'pan banging' chocolate chip cookies have taken over social media, shows "GMA" how to make her famous recipe.
5:36 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for 'Pan banging' chocolate chip cookies is the new cookie trend
are in the middle of our ultimate chocolate chip cookie week. We are so excited around here and so is this he has his cookie face on. Give us a cookie face. Come on. That is a cookie face. Yes. He's into it. He's into it. Big cookie face. We have a real treat for you now. It swept social media. The pan bang chocolate chip cookie. The woman who wrote the recipe is about to show us how to make them. So take a look. Bang bang Reporter: She bang, all right. Sara's chocolate chip cookies have taken over the internet. The insanely popular cookie crispy and krivengled on the edges and oozing with gooey chocolate in the center comes together thanks to her pan banging technique. I was trying to create a cookie that was just a thin and choicecookie and kept spreading and so I -- imindicate out of opening up and banging the pan. I realized, oh, I'm on to something here. Reporter: The cookie uses all the usual ingredients, butter, sugar an egg, vanilla and water mixed together with flour, salt, baking soda and, of course, chocolate. The twist, after baking in a 350-degree oven for ten minutes, the banging begins. The cookie falls and collapses and creates a ridge around the edge and then you let it bake two more minutes. It'll puff up and then you repeat the process. So every time you pick up the pan and let it drop it creates another ridge. Yeah. We're having fun banging pans. "bon appetit's" editor in chief, Adam Rapoport. Adam is here with some chocolate chip cookie hacks and George, Cecilia and ginger will help us out by tasting the cookies. You don't have to talk because you're eating the cookies but there are all kind of ways to make chocolate chip cookies, some like thin and crispy, thick and chunky but something with the ingredients and there are two ingredients that are key to make that happen. Every cookie will have butter and sugar. Question is what's your balance? If you want them thinner and crispier you want more white granulated sugar which as it 3w5iks give you a crispy edge, however, if you like it thick and junk? That's my nickname. You're a little slimmer than your playing days. You want more brown sugar so brown sugar instead of white sugar and brown sugar has molasses in it so gives you a caramely undertone. Also we do a little brown butter so we melt the butterfirst, get it brown and that imparts a nutty flavor. You get a caramely, nutty, you get it thick and chunky. Lara, what are you thinking? I'm good. Eye prefer the thin and crispy is there that's you then. Look at the two of you. Thin and crispy. He's thick and chunky. Thick and chunky, okay. All right. What about traditional? You don't have to use traditional chocolate chips? What I love instead of using chocolate chips use bar chocolate. What you want to do is cut it up yourself and get nice chunks and chards and going to be nice big chunky blocks of chocolate and shavings in there and what's nice bit if you're a sweeter chocolate go 60% cocao for the kids and bitter, 60% so you'll see it on the bar, how much cacao is in it. The lower the percentage, the sweeter, the higher, the more bitter it is. Could you use just classic milk chocolate? I mean you could. If that's what you're into. I mean if you're an adult, you know, obviously you want it -- you like it thin, crispy and chocolaty. He just shamed you. I have been cookie shamed on national TV. It hurts. Next thing, making the cookies. Don't use a spoon, use an ice cream scoop, three ounce, that way every single cookie is going to be the exact same -- I don't have a pan but -- For those cookies, you get cookies this size. If you want smaller -- Also, cool idea, instead of making cookies make a double batch. Take these, put them on a sheet tray, put them in the freezer, throw them in a resealable bag, whenever you want cookies. One at a time. If you have -- The recipe -- Especially if you have kids, or check this out, Lara, you have friends over for dinger, I'll make homemade chocolate chip cookies as you eat dessert, what's that smell? I tell you what, our cookie tasters seem to like all of them. I learned something about myself today. What? Original. Original, George? I like all of them. We started this segment like four minutes ago, you're still eating cookies? Our best cookie is brown butter and put in regular unbrown butter and mix of brown sugar and sugar and gives you crispy and chewy. So semi -- bon appetit, baby. That's what I'm talking about. Good job, Adam. And we don't want you guys to feel left out so we have cookies for our entire audience.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Sarah Kieffer, whose 'pan banging' chocolate chip cookies have taken over social media, shows \"GMA\" how to make her famous recipe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66312401","title":"'Pan banging' chocolate chip cookies is the new cookie trend","url":"/GMA/Food/video/pan-banging-chocolate-chip-cookies-cookie-trend-66312401"}