One pan Game Plan for the Holiday’s

Cook’s Illustrated editor-in-chief Dan Souza shows us recipes from his new book “One Pan Wonders.”
3:28 | 12/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One pan Game Plan for the Holiday’s
Everyone gets so busy this time of year that sometimes it's hard to even think about cooking dinner, so we've got a one-pan game plan to keep things simple and "Cook's illustrated" editor in chief -- can we say editor in chef? Sure. Editor in chief, editor in chef, Dan Souza is here to get us cooking. Dan, so great to have you here. It's awesome to be here. We got a lot of stuff laid out but tell us, what is the secret to the sheet pan dinner? So in theory it's an awesome thing. Everything goes on one sheet pan and then goes into the oven and is all done. If you don't cut everything right you can end up with undercooked things so you got to really figure out how that all works but then you got to have an awesome weeknight meal with protein, starch, everything all in one. I love this. This is something important. This smells fabulous. You've got a great one for us tell us about it. So we're doing roasted chicken and root vegetables, which is everyone's favorite, perfect for a weeknight but could have company over. We'll start in on our vegetables first. Nice. Are you going to put us to work here? I am. Is that okay? Oh, yeah, bring it. We've got carrots, potatoes and Brussels sprouts, some of everyone's favorites. We're going to add garlic here. You want to throw garlic in there. I'm just going -- Throw them in. Really, really easy prep and we have herbs, need help with that, and some rosemary and thyme and you want to add lots of big flavor here so that on the end when it comes out of the oven, it's aromatic. Bird's the word. So I'll add a little bit of oil as well. Oil obviously will help with browning, some nice crispiness on the vegetables and salt and pepper. Always need salt and pepper. And then, janai, would you mind just stirring that up. Mix this all up. Yep. All right. So this is an awesome medley of vegetables here. There's going to be something for everyone. Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite. Mine too. The sheet. The sheet and here's the thing, you can't just throw it all down there willy-nilly, you need some organization, it's got to be laid out appropriately. Why is that? So, it's really important to have everything cook at the same rate, so in America's test kitchen we test recipes over and over again, and we actually have home cooks test our recipes before we publish them. Doing that we figured out you want the Brussels sprouts in the center of the pan. Sprouts in the center. Why is that? So we want the sprouts to cook a little more slowly and everything at the center will cook more slowly than at the exterior. The heat is coming from the outside so the sprouts in the center and we've cut them flat so they'll brown on the bottom nicely but be more protected in the middle. Once that's arranged we'll go with the chicken. Yes. So we scatter the rest of the vegetables on the outside. So we've got the potatoes, carrots, garlic and we'll go on with the chicken. All you, janai. No pressure. Do the same thing, breast meat in the enter. Again, breast meat tends to dry out. We've all had that really dry chicken breast. No good. The center, it will cook more gently and dark meat and thighs and drumsticks we'll put around the outside. Into the oven. Yes. We have this awesome herb butter. A little of this goes on the outside. This is super easy to put together. And then once that's on there. It goes into the oven, 475 degrees for about 35 to 45 minutes and that's it. The finished product right there. We can smell it. It's amazing. It's going to make your weeknight so much easier. Your weeknight and your lunch the next day and I want you guys to try this. This is just -- We can jump in right here? Jump righin. One pan, game plan. You can get more recipes from Dan and his new cookbook "One-pan wonders." Thank you so much. You're so welcome. The perfect book. Tons more recipes in there for holiday oking and everything in between.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Cook’s Illustrated editor-in-chief Dan Souza shows us recipes from his new book “One Pan Wonders.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67733968","title":"One pan Game Plan for the Holiday’s","url":"/GMA/Food/video/pan-game-plan-holidays-67733968"}