Must-try pecan-themed recipes for Mother's Day

"GMA" sponsor American Pecan Council and nutritionist Dawn Jackson share recipes sure to be a hit this Mother's Day.
2:24 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for Must-try pecan-themed recipes for Mother's Day
days away and this morning we're bringing you delicious for your mom packed with pecans. Here with our sponsor from the American pecan council, dawn Jackson blatner. You people say pecan pie, pecan. We say to matter how you say it, just eat it. Pecan. Pecan. Pecan. Yes, exactly. A lot of people think snack. You say so good for you. It really is the original super nut. It's original because it's the only major tree nut native to America and -- cool and a super nut because it's packed with nutrition. Has good fats. Two decades of research that examined pecans with heart health, amazing. Also plant protein, fiber, essential minerals, fitow nutrients. Let's make something sim. Replace -- Egg bakes you have at a mother's day brunch, instead of sausage this is pecan sausage that I just make with -- oh, thanks for that. It is delicious. It is. Vegetarian friendly so it's just pecans, onion and seasoning and that's it and it Tates like sausage. Isn't that fun? Tastes really, really good. Just like a regular egg bake. Use that pecan sausage. Yum. Very good. Up next, let's see. We have -- looks like we have -- A little sweetness? Here's the deal. Simple can my friend so this is a very simple way to do something special for your mom. A smoothie bowl. Made with pecan, just pecan and pecan milk with berries and blend it up and here's the cool thing, your kids can get creative with what you put on top, put on berry, put on some coconut. I have to get this in. I've been smelling it all morning. Something sweet. Worried about decorating. Chocolate gets in this one. So easy, pecans, maple syrup. A little seasoning, put it in a pan and bake it, super food crumble. Yes. Then you pour dark chocolate on and put that crumble on and that's it. So easy to do. All the recipes on our

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"\"GMA\" sponsor American Pecan Council and nutritionist Dawn Jackson share recipes sure to be a hit this Mother's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55038807","title":"Must-try pecan-themed recipes for Mother's Day ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/pecan-themed-recipes-mothers-day-55038807"}