Royal wedding: British bubbles fit for a queen

ABC News' Molly Hunter takes a trip down to Cornwall to investigate what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be sipping this weekend.
4:01 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Royal wedding: British bubbles fit for a queen
What is the wedding by. This morning we are getting our first look. And how that will kitchen is preparing an EB seasonally Connor is taking a closer look at one thing every wedding these. And that would be wine people. When you think is the English countryside Jane Austen Downton Abbey and rolling green hills come to mind but not vineyards and certainly not English sparkling wine fit for a queen. To banish stars skepticism are at least the unfounded skepticism of the California girl. We just under Cornwall on Britain south West Coast. How many people does it take to rank a close look in his wife's full. The victim. To hold him down from three to fort Walton tumors that was than running jarred when we saw him so we had to go from that. Back in 1989 Galindo Stanley planted 8000 vines on a whim and it worked. What do you say to us. Well we actually need that sketches his part of some pretty solid consistent speed younger dog and it's really enjoyable when people are skeptical I'm you'll that would them when they first one. And I have this realization that actually very. Really like care and it's ridiculous. Now thirty years later English line is having a moment. And camel valley is one of the world favorites last month they became the first and only English winery to receive a royal warrant. Recognition that they regularly supply whine to the royal family that there were a war but it doesn't mean any world business at a certain upcoming World Bank. Both keys are pretty sure it does putting the odds of British wine being served at V wedding. At five to four and offered favorable odds for camel valley in particular. Are you supplying any real events in the near future. I can give you the really truthful long sought if we were we probably wouldn't. Because we supplies and intends. But if we didn't we wouldn't tell you. Yes 31 come from a massive violence out decency. Season racking up awards in beating out lines across Europe from Italy Spain and France but don't call it champagne with no marketing and a team of just six. They sell out all 130000. Bottles per year. And it's landed at London's glamorous Ritz Hotel. If you were suggesting. How why and for a certain royal couple at a certain upcoming relevant knowledge its contract. Sold my recommendation would for a B. Chris Norton a book we usually people who easily is one of the royal family photo with wind up being just awarded the the royal warrant sourcing double B and Mobley creased white wine to go for the Webby. Harry Camelot value that about 30000. Finds that pretty is it that's not a 130000. Bottles of wine every year. Last year a million new vines are planted its here. That's going to be one point seven million and I don't produce about four to five million bottles of wine but in twenty years at this rate. A penny forty million bottles of wine and a billion dollar industry. Even on a gray drizzly English spring day about a dozen visitors rode their bikes and sipped sparkling wine outside when we were there he. Say it's not exactly on the main road. But 30000 people visit every year including two rather high profile visitors back in 2006. Prince Charles and Camilla the duchess of Cornwall. City of mind that the book Ramon invited them. If you were to suggest. What is fantastic light parade upcoming class action if you link may be. I think this woman's room for an American most. She adds students. Our American princess this without threat of my favorite solution would move to historical. Conflict to a woman happened some 88 million. Cheers from corn mom Molly hunt aired ABC.

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{"id":55176436,"title":"Royal wedding: British bubbles fit for a queen","duration":"4:01","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter takes a trip down to Cornwall to investigate what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be sipping this weekend. ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/royal-wedding-british-bubbles-fit-queen-55176436","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}