What to know about Thanksgiving meal kits to help make the meal easier

Thanksgiving is just 11 days away, but these meal companies help make the holiday easy by putting everything together for you.
3:57 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for What to know about Thanksgiving meal kits to help make the meal easier
I can't believe it's tern days away. We're about to make planning for it a whole lot easier thanks to this woman. For delish and house beautiful. She's here to give you everything you need in one easy this sounds more appealing. One easy package. So we're going to start three different ways. Hello fresh? What's super nice to know, there's kind of something for everyone. Whether you want to do a little bit of work like a lot of work or like zero work at all, what's great about hello fresh is this is for someone who wants to cook but who isn't totally sure of how to do it. That wod be me. 15.99 a person for eight to ten people. It's really great. What's great is -- you have everything in it. You have to cook it. Now, it appears and you have to order it by the 21st and comes to you by the 24th. You have to thaw the Turkey. Don't forget to thaw the Turkey. Everybody knows -- I'm just saying everybody has a story but comes with everything preportioned. You follow the instructions. Hello fresh you have to subscribe to but they're waiving that and you can just get this. That's great. When you say everything has to be cooked. Is everything precut. For the most part it's ready to prepare and it comes with stuffing and green bean casserole, dessert, Turkey. I'm looking at it. It looks really good. It's pretty great. That's your first option. So you like this option as well. Whole foods is doing something and they're doing a Turkey alternative. Right, so this is for someone who wants to do something different. For 139.99 you get a ham, spiral cut ham, people love their ham on Thanksgiving. And then you also get fantastic sides, you don't get dessert with this but you do have to go to the store to pick it up. So since you're going to the store anyway, grab a pie on your way out. The other thing I love about the whole foods option too, this is a whole kit. It comes with three sides but you can get all the stuff a la carte so if you decide you want pore sides, maybe you want to cook the Turkey yourself but pick up the side, you really have a lot of play here and this is just heat and serve so it is quite easy. Okay. Easy breezy. Remember, taking it up a notch here. Now, the one thing I will say about whole food, can you order that super last minute so you can order as late as the 25th. Harry & David, you have to order this by the 22nd but this is soup to nuts if you don't want to do anything on Thanksgiving this is your plan. Okay. This is my plan for $199 you get this entire gorgeous spread, dessert included. Sweet potatoes. Gorgeous Turkey, you have to heat and serve, amazing stuffing, even like creamed spinach. Looks really good. You have to order by the 22nd. Can you rush it. You can order it next week if you want to. But why. I don't want to be sweating for the FedEx guy to show up on Thanksgiving so this is -- just get it done. If you go to the websites you can see how much to get. 100%. Based on how many. This serves 10 to 12 too so that's nice too if you have more people. I feel like there's no excuse for you to not host. You know, also you shouldn't be afraid to like have people over. Made it easy for us. Have you too. Thank you very much. Three options for every price point and easiness point. It's just fear. It's fear. Totally. That's what I'm saying. Don't be afraid. It really makes it easy. All right, thank you. We'll have all of this on our website. There is he something for everyone. Try it. Go for it, right, rob?

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Thanksgiving is just 11 days away, but these meal companies help make the holiday easy by putting everything together for you.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67104018","title":"What to know about Thanksgiving meal kits to help make the meal easier","url":"/GMA/Food/video/thanksgiving-meal-kits-make-meal-easier-67104018"}