4 twists on Chicago stadium food classics that knock it out of the park

Chef Art Smith and chef Beverly Kim share their recipes for wings and fried mac and cheese.
4:42 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for 4 twists on Chicago stadium food classics that knock it out of the park
The crowd there in Chicago's time now to head back to the windy city where things are starting. The heat up rob I'm glad he made it back to shore and. And it saves his full disclosure I'm right. You know it's so typical route and I would like this army day looked like that matter what. I believe I cowboy but I'm wondering. Under a Beverly and no aren't Smith Lauren Everett she died down it's. China town. Show yeah. Inspired by what you might see. At the ballpark. Everybody got could. I got let's kind of fired. The hot sun and silent Mike Furrey inherited it and she and he saw. I think if Afrikaner and ask anybody got a hot topics or block Brock exactly I love it. All right we got tasters here of course TJ's participating animal we're subpoenas. Which isn't easy pace of us are what do you what do you have got to have my fried chicken we call it sassy legs as did you know we do our typical price ticket with this wonderful funny. And Hector hot sauce with pride Mac and cheese balls what's better than fried magazine about as close to Wisconsin are dead. Cook and I'm you know hot but there are you going right well I mean hello little sassy. Particularly if you didn't do it at that that the ticketed but let's that there needed just enjoy this but. Am I going to be water because no load the walking I don't think about something that hot and don't know I don't particularly to blow up I call you Lake Michigan to deny that he OK lord Jesus mother doesn't right. Okay how is that. What you think about them a bit of an argument Watson's old man and I did not take it right. Metallurgical program. I guess in a Mets went very end up this finish and Michelle Obama tours. And yeah I should look at this hockey game in town and I thank the right to get my ticket takes a side you know. We have some great right chickens they put a little. Yeah have left. I'm the vote. The pepper we do little Howard time Federer and a little to vote for and there is a freshman at and then a little little garlic powder. Pedal and about everything that I it is until we get picked. Our ticket what makes a special Good Friday. And this is locally raised Amish raids Baluchistan. These wonderful farmers that's all fresh you know it's a good. Completely dry it and what that fried. Think Ellen that's now let me. He'd like. Now if we do not as Kevin Garnett and listen just look at pick anything hearty ha yeah yeah some of the Saddam can't wait to see you tonight don't like the unions are accounted Mike Hanna is away but it's kinda it's gotta ship parts way of having something delicious. Yeah. Action elements Enron. And lo garlic and. That means. That some onions here in Arlington Gil that to bring easy up eight and a half and can she earache and. All right I noted that you've had some and we them both of these dishes I need to but he keeps I don't. Yeah I hear it just you know and then we got to budget time and play. Oh yeah. I yeah. Ethnic cleansing. So what's great about this when you've that are not on the dog what you've done your thoughts he battled that he got you must meet mustard and. Every. Night to ask the from the canteen where you got found not honk. Guy at this is a next level the spot but I don't one thing does that leave us in on the bump what do you guys. And it had to change yeah. It. You need me. Voter. So afraid hampered her for Beverly. All right or for a heart what is that part right right into our left stand for Beverly 123 both orbit. Yeah. I. Deciding vote by hand the tied up back all might get the that hasn't. I look how you're you're trying to work that. It's not overly Smart money primary he looks like it's going all right somebody. Let it be better the cubs lost last night the White Sox. Dominated so. Everything Doug as a W get all you can get all of these days in your recipe. Chicago and have them over thank you.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Chef Art Smith and chef Beverly Kim share their recipes for wings and fried mac and cheese.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64987249","title":"4 twists on Chicago stadium food classics that knock it out of the park","url":"/GMA/Food/video/twists-chicago-stadium-food-classics-knock-park-64987249"}