Yelp releases its top destinations for food lovers in 2020

Must-have dishes from the top five American cities on the list.
2:56 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Yelp releases its top destinations for food lovers in 2020
Now we traveled by its youngest is in the top destinations for food lovers and twinkling this morning we're trying out five dishes from five cities. Here with us this morning is Yelp trend expert Terry Lewis good morning thinks it was to be I think he's having a good start ever five. This is a city that had everybody loves to visit New Orleans. At the coliseum all of championship was there this isn't what I would have thought as the top food to trot no. And you know announcing that it's really great comfort you when you go to Norah means whether it's stumbled our hands clean overlooking the most elevenths image. On that would damage the home of the buzz that was actually at central grocery deli and assailant as you can see is live on the types of meats cheeses. An olive salad friends just loaded with flavor saying can't overlook valued at about quite. Great behind the lead it's an awesome and I love saying that comment on the monarchy. Are next to a number four Hawaii. Home lighting up and when you go so why specifically Honolulu or Maui you have to take advantage of the macadamia nuts. 90% to get around this yeah yeah you're a magazine and that's a hard sit in Hawaii Minnesota all of them napping it yes you sure this honey caramel macadamia nut targeted from Hawaii tire company. They have been different farmers markets and local dessert shots flew and it turned into existing house it's like marrying. Almost literally and I could win you're gonna love that the jet is they actually I'm really excited about this my home stay home gray Charleston, South Carolina they've Jordan has skyrocketed their seven point two million people visiting have a when he asked for us. When you go to child stinging got to get. Crash but buried caskets and I think I'm going to callies hot little this fantasy in the lines there yeah seven different this if they make from scratch in house. On the also think it cemented she's challenges we have offended she's right without gray hair and biscuits. Mastny having. Minute Jesus comes with a defibrillator and now you next is up Portland Oregon. Yeah I went in Portland you know it's always had a really great innovative food scene right but you also know you have to get doughnuts and these are not any old donuts. You dough doughnuts are exceptional vegan donuts they have amazing locally sourced from ingredients. On there have pumped his lord and how Mac and cheese don't so you mind let me just the phrase arches it'll be known that sounds like something out of Portland. The whole thing again. Had a drive didn't dignify it downloads and fans finally Evan I need the whole time Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville, North Carolina yet you got a bit of top truffles. And using locally sourced ingredients like fresh raspberries. Lavender honey I'm also have a liquid tropical I'm drink that I think is really decadent if you like hot chocolate is sort of in the lung that good. I use my plant but eight from everybody India was told she would like creative route according at a park saying that she would try every single food during the course and I didn't believe and they were apologizing but I know Anderson actually. If your if any authority of the travel but check out our website at Good Morning America dot com for more info.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Must-have dishes from the top five American cities on the list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68525882","title":"Yelp releases its top destinations for food lovers in 2020","url":"/GMA/Food/video/yelp-releases-top-destinations-food-lovers-2020-68525882"}