How Arizona plans to have a safe and accurate election

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs talks about how her state is getting ready for Election Day.
2:56 | 08/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Arizona plans to have a safe and accurate election
Less than a month ago, Arizona was labelled a viral hot spot. Today there is some good news -- as new coronavirus cases look to be leveling off as voters head to the polls for its 2020 primary election that happens tomorrow. Joining me now on how she's preparing for election day in the wake of a pandemic is Arizona secretary of state Katie Katie, thank you for being with us. Yes, it's a big day considering the significance for the presidential election, what are your concerns heading into the polls tomorrow? Well, our biggest concern is making sure that voters are prepared with information that they need to vote safely, to get in and out of the polls quickly, so we've been working hard to equip voters with all of that information and making sure that the in-person polling locations are safe for them to vote. Both for them and the voters. In-person polling, because the window to request a ballot by mail has been closed, how and when can you vote in the primary tomorrow? So, there are polling locations across the state, and that information is available on our website for voters across the state, and voters who still have that mail-in ballot can also drop off their ballot at any of those polling locations tomorrow. Secretary Hobbs, what do you say to people who want to vote but they're concerned about the safety of voting given where we are in the world and in your state specifically. We've been working for months to prepare for this election knowing that we would be in the middle of this pandemic and so, across the state, the election officials have worked to make polling locations safe. There's going to personal protective equipment, space the voting booths apart and the lines apart, so that there's distancing. And, you know, most people should be able to get in and get out as quickly as possible if they -- if they have all the information that they need to vote. So what are you doing in Arizona to make sure that the results are accurate and let people know that their vote is going to count? Well, we can assure voters in Arizona that the votes do count. We've had vote by mail for decades here, and 80% of Arizona voters vote by mail, so we have the infrastructure and the process in place to make sure that that process is secure as well as election-day voting. Counties have up to ten days to finalize their results, we certainly don't think they're going to take that long for the primary, but we do make sure that every single vote is counted and that's why the process can take a little bit longer. We're wishing you smooth and safe election day tomorrow. Thank you so much. Secretary Hobbs, thank you for your time. There's much more ahead here

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Secretary of State Katie Hobbs talks about how her state is getting ready for Election Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72147047","title":"How Arizona plans to have a safe and accurate election","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/arizona-plans-safe-accurate-election-72147047"}