COVID-19 vaccination rates around the world

Dr. Jen Ashton takes a look at cases and vaccination metrics in the U.K., Israel and the Seychelles.
2:29 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for COVID-19 vaccination rates around the world
You wish you could say that. You know exactly who you're sitting next to, it's always good to have you with us. Dr. Ashton is us with with some interesting developments in the pandemic. Let's start by showing you some of the updated numbers. 155.2 million cases of diagnosed coronavirus worldwide now and here in this country, we're approaching a death toll of almost, look at that, 580,000, and vaccinations up, CDC now saying more than 146.3 million American adults receiving one dose of the vaccine, that accounts for 57% of the adult population. That's right. Jen, and so as we're seeing our vaccinations rise here in this country, the cases go down, is that what is happening around the world? What is happening in other countries? What you're asking about is vaccination metrics, how many people have been vaccinated and what is happening to the case rate and as you say, we have to look at some other countries for some perspective. If you look at the U.K., 52% of the population has at least one dose of the vaccination. Good news, their cases down 96% compared to what they were at a high in January. Then Israel, that country has done so well with their immunization campaign, 60% of their population has at least one dose. Their cases are down 99%, which is incredible. However, it's not all good news around the world. If you look at the small island of Seychelles, 62.2% of their population is fully vaccinated, they are now seeing cases up dramatically, almost 80% in the past week. There, approximately 66% of these new cases are occurring in unvaccinated people, or in people who have only gotten one dose. We see that, but still why? Why is that happening? A couple of theories. Number one, the vaccines that they are using are not the ones that we are using here in the United States, or that Israel or the U.K. Is using. So there might be some efficacy differences. A lot of tourists in that country, and on that island, so accounting for some cases. And again, variants there, maybe a little bit different, but this underscores what we have been saying over and over again, this is a global pandemic, we have to be concerned with what is going on in other countries and we have to stay vigilant here in the U.S. As our cases are going down and our vaccination numbers go up. And Seychelles, they're putting restrictions back in place. We're coming out of restrictions. That's correct. They're stepping on the brakes again and we could see that here too if cases go up. So important to stay vigilant. Dr. Ashton, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton takes a look at cases and vaccination metrics in the U.K., Israel and the Seychelles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77532521","title":"COVID-19 vaccination rates around the world","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/covid-19-vaccination-rates-world-77532521"}