‘Deals & Steals’ on great kitchen and home products

Tory Johnson has big savings on towels, tools, face masks and more.
5:23 | 01/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Deals & Steals’ on great kitchen and home products
It's time for "Deals & steals." We partner with companies to bring viewers incredible Tory Johnson is here with the deals on products for your home and kitchen. Tory, always enjoy seeing you and what you bring to us. I have a lot of tools on my table. Is that where we're starting? Yes, it is, T.J. We're starting off with Kelvin. This is the easiest do it yourself tool kit. As you see it's a tiny little thing, but it packs a big punch. Depending on the size you choose each one has at least 17, 23 or 36 tools in one. All the basics like screwdriver, hammer, level. Then we get more sophisticated with the screwdriver and measuring tape. It's the easiest thing if you have projects around the house or office. Today is the day to buy it. They're 50% off starting at $12.50. A lot of the guys in the crew have their eyes on this. What do we have next? This is gripstick. What I love about this is it's a food grade silicon bag that's reusable, replaces plastic. You can steam, reheat and store all in the same bag. That means it's freezer, microwave and dish washer safe. It comes in a variety of sizes. It's great for portion control and storage. Good day to buy it. The sets today start at $18.50. Love it. Everybody can use that. Everybody can use nice, new towels. Nice, new towels from martex. They have an anti-microbial technology built into the fabric. There's six different colors and it's a six-piece set. You get two bath towels, two hand towels, two wash clothes. Everyone can use an upgrade on towels. 50% off, the set is $35. That's my table, robach. I'm very excited about my table. I love all these products. Tory, tell us about this one, it's an air purifier in a bag. This is awesome. It's from moso naturals. It's an easy way to eliminate odors instead of masking them. We spray a lot of fake scent in the air to mask an odor. Think of this like a sponge. There's bamboo charcoal in the bags that help absorb the odor. There are sizes designed for any use in the house. If there's a particular place with pet odor, we have something for that, car odors, there's one specifically made for shoes. This is a terrific company, all natural product. The price today starts at $5.50. We have a plethora of products here. This is modgy. They make products good for every day use. There's their brand new face masks, breathable, comfortable. Those are awesome. Then their signature products. They have vases that fold flat so they store easily in your draw. Then you fill it with water and add your flowers when you're ready to display them. My all-time favorite product is luminary lanterns. All you do is add water and you have tea lights there to pop right into the water. You have instant ambience anywhere, flameless as well. It's one of my favorite deals. It's functional. It's pretty. So many different patterns. It's practical. It's accessiby priced. Huge assortment, prices range from $4 to $10. Then get your clean on. The go slicky. Tell me about this. These are cool. This is called go slicky set. It removes dirt, lint, dust, whatever. It's a combination of a lint roller and sweeper. Rather than a traditional lint roller where you peel away the paper, this is a reusable surface. All you do, once it gets dirty, is rinse and reuse. It's that silicon rubber that keeps on cleaning. You get two minis, the regular and the mighty. All kinds of surfaces, whether using it to clean clothing, bedding, wood floor. So many different options to be able to keep it clean. With more people at home this comes in handy. Today the set is 50% off, $35. I just lint rolled T.J. Tory, thank you. We partnered with these amazing companies. Visit our website for all the great deals. This is go sticky. Up next the TV classic going back to the future.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Tory Johnson has big savings on towels, tools, face masks and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75516973","title":"‘Deals & Steals’ on great kitchen and home products","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/deals-steals-great-kitchen-home-products-75516973"}