Deitrick Haddon and Zaytoven perform ‘Sick World’ on ‘GMA3’

The Grammy-nominated artist performs his new single.
4:48 | 03/01/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deitrick Haddon and Zaytoven perform ‘Sick World’ on ‘GMA3’
You know our next guest from hit reality shows like creatures of LA and fix my choir and does leave a smoke screen he's been hard at work recording some new music allegedly said those generous. And the decided he is here to tell us about his latest single parents treatise with a very special performance please welcome Grammy nominated gospel artist. And pastor Dietrich and that's a big up. Lot of floral and god himself a lot of well Jeff the dude and I like jet. They did you have to tell us here for you new single is called sick world you collaborated with a paid trap music producer and apple pulled the don't understand that. You might not necessarily always put gospel music and trap music. Together because they seem to call at two different worlds but not necessarily explain that a little big and what that was like and why. You can bridge these two worlds that seem to be district. The beautiful thing is that you can't put gospel music in the box. And you can't put trap music and a box and when I connect it was a toll was an incredible is one of the originators of the traps sound. He loves god you know what I've been emblems would usher an energy products producing songs with him. But on Sunday mornings he's at its church playing put a small church in Atlanta Georgia so he has a love for gospel music. I have a love for gospel music here and and Shrek music believe it or not. And we just brought it together and created some so beautiful that piqued everybody's gonna really enjoy. We will let's not wait any further bodily sick world can't stand to lose nobody else is now available on all digital platform so that's very cool trick. Think you so much for joining us we really appreciate it come back any time we have a I do TJ. Ago and now we have very exciting Dietrich hadn't alongside Zaid told band performing their new single take a look. Yeah. Okay. Are you. Now we. And. He's saying look flat tire TJ how ready we can still live in the agreement is still smile and I don't know his crack about doing very. Contact. Good development comeback anytime but thank you so much of disposable poets whose roots here edgy and made three.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The Grammy-nominated artist performs his new single.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76184658","title":"Deitrick Haddon and Zaytoven perform ‘Sick World’ on ‘GMA3’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/deitrick-haddon-zaytoven-perform-sick-world-gma3-76184658"}