DOJ investigating secret presidential pardon bribery scheme

Court documents allege lobbyists attempted to shake down White House officials to receive presidential pardons.
2:30 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for DOJ investigating secret presidential pardon bribery scheme
in D.C. With the latest headlines. We're all talking about that historic development overseas now, in the global fight against the coronavirus. The uk authorizing the pfizer vaccine, calling it 95% effective among all age groups. This is now the first country to actually green light that emergency use. Residents in nursing homes and their care providers will be the first to receive it and we're told the first 800,000 doses will be available next week. Here at home, independent advisers to the CDC have now requested that health care workers and long-term care facilities get the vaccine firs as soon as it becomes available to all of us here. Now the justice department is invesng an alleged secret bribery scheme to obtain presidential pardons illegally, heavily redacted court documents that lobbyists allegedly attempted to shake down senior white house officials for pardons from the president. The doj said no government officials are or were targets of that probe. All of this is happening as discussions take place that the president may pre-emt tifly pardon members of his own family, himself and his personal attorney as he leaves office. And attorney general William Barr, a close ally of the president, now directly contradicting president trump's baseless accusations about election fraud. Barr telling the ap we haven't seen fraud that could have change the fact that outgoing president trump lo election. And Arizona's senator-elect mark Kelly makes history on the senate floor today as he's expected to be sworn in. In honor of this moment, Kelly and his wife gabby giffords visited the grave of the state's late senator John McCain yesterday. Kelly's win marks the first time in 67 years that Arizona have two Democrats serving as senators in the U.S. Capitol. She's set to do it again, our sister network ESPN reporting that Sarah fuller is continuing as the school's placekicker. Vanderbilt's interim coach telling reporters that Sarah is practicing with the team, she'll be on the travel roster. Playing like a girl and continuing to shatter the glass. We're all for it. She's making us proud, Kyra. Thank you so much for that. And there's much more ahead

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Court documents allege lobbyists attempted to shake down White House officials to receive presidential pardons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74506503","title":"DOJ investigating secret presidential pardon bribery scheme","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/doj-investigating-secret-presidential-pardon-bribery-scheme-74506503"}