Exclusive: New life-saving technology for active school shootings

A new surveillance system, ALERT: Active Law Enforcement Response Technology, could potentially save lives by connecting schools and police to cut down on response times.
3:43 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Exclusive: New life-saving technology for active school shootings
We are back now with our exclusive look at potentially life saving new software technology. Connecting schools' surveillance to police to cut down on response times an active shooter situations. The drilling you're about to see is the first time the software is being tested and ABC's Victor oak tendon joins us with more on this picture. Amy simply put everyone behind this technology believes that in the most critical situations. It can help save lives as you watch keep in mind that we shot this story before the pandemic that also delayed their announcement. You'll not be seeing people wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Clients can't yes I fish dinner for the first time ever you're looking at what police say he's new and potentially lifesaving technology. The suspect winds and downed first left hallway just saw the officers going down a hallway there and she's guiding them every step of the way. Three pandemic ABC news getting an exclusive look at a demonstration of alert. Active law enforcement response technology alert gives police access to real time surveillance cameras within a building once hidden button is hit during an active incident they can then identify and track a suspect's location relaying that information to officers as they respond. This streamlined everything from communications to surveillance Lehman Dell began developing the program after the tragedy at sandy hook. When they arrive on the scene they know exactly where to go how to get in where the shooter is. Interpol to close his daughter meadow at Parkland since then he's been involved in legislative efforts but says his overriding mission is school sequence that this type assault what was in place she'd be alive today Paula creating the twenty million dollar school safety grant. To make the software available nationwide. Free of charge. And then not just in schools hospitals movie theaters house is a war shipped anywhere where people gather. Coral Springs police for the first enter the school the day of the Portland shooting and their department. The first in the nation to receive alert it's quite changing it's taking us from being a rowboat to being in a starship. Coral Springs charter school just two miles from Stillman Douglas also a recipient I would hope that most schools. Have the opportunity to look into this shooter I'm going to the left. ABC news right there as officers used to alert for the first time during the drill the dispatcher immediately alerts police chief certainly dismissed PA system. She really is crucial information such. There's going to be a white male with a black shirt. And camel pants. With the school on lockdown she can. Unlocked the door for police and aren't as officers rushed to the scene she tracks the shooter. Action scene and I are calling it a lot and the suspect apprehended in less than four minutes. Now officers were on a second drill what's different about this stroll is they don't know where the suspect is and this is what might happen. During her actual shooting but yours could move around there any single for a few minutes in the dispatcher having trouble with the software you opening night 600 cameras if we can identify issues now you know policy on retaining control environment and we can fix them. The drill picking back up. This time officers are creating the shooter in just a minute but forbid got technology has to be used. Do you think it helps that once absolutely 100%. Eighty polish says he hopes this technology expands nationwide. A fix for when gun laws failed this is the future of responding. My daughter won't be saying well wolf what we did now batting. Alert has received more than 200 grant applications since March. Does governor recently signed what's called a list says law. And it mandates teachers have. A panic button in case of emergencies alert exceeds all the requirements. Amy while saving lives Victor thank you so much for bringing us that story.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"A new surveillance system, ALERT: Active Law Enforcement Response Technology, could potentially save lives by connecting schools and police to cut down on response times. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72078605","title":"Exclusive: New life-saving technology for active school shootings","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/exclusive-life-saving-technology-active-school-shootings-72078605"}