Gambling on fun in the summer of COVID-19

Ron Baumann, regional president, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City, discussed the measures in place to lower your odds of catching coronavirus.
2:57 | 07/23/20

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Transcript for Gambling on fun in the summer of COVID-19
The hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic. Here to tell us how his casinos are adjusting to life is regional president of caesars entertainment Atlantic City Ron Baumann. Ron, thanks for being with us. We know you run three casinos. Caesars, bally's and Harrah's. What safety measures have you implemented since re-opening? We spent 100 days working with a renown epidemiologist from Boston medical center developing over 150, 160 different protocols. I'll put them in these buckets. Mask wearing at all caesars properties. We require guests to wear masks and our team members to wear masks. That's regardless of state regulations. Two, social distancing. We have our gaming products, table games, every other seat is open. Every other game is open. Also here in Atlantic City we have installed plexiglass on our games for added measures of protections. So the dealer is in the mask, customer is in the mask and in between is plexiglass. There's really good protection. We powered off every other slots. There's plenty of social distancing in slots. We only allow about 25% of the occupancy on the gaming floor to be occupied. We rolled out a tremendous amount of health and safety standards and protocols by which we clean and sanitize. One of the unique things we've done is we went out and procured here over 200 electro static sprayers. They almost look like a water gun. They're pretty cool. They put out a measured dose of the fda approved disinfectant. It coats the entire slot or the entire table game or the hotel room. It's very different. All done during those 100 days we were closed under the guidance of an epidemiologist. I mean, it sounds extremely thorough. How hard has this pandemic been on Atlantic City? It's been tough. Atlantic City is the economic engine of all of south Jersey. Not just Atlantic City, all of south Jersey. We typically in the summer would employ 25 to 30,000 people. That's a lot of people. For us to be shut down, that's a lot of people that were out of work. The businesses that depend on us, the restaurants, the suppliers that we have, it's been devastating for the local economy. Again, I would suggest that goes all the way almost to Philadelphia because of the casino influence and contribution, whether jobs or taxes. It's so substantial in south Jersey. We're wishing you the very best during these times. Ron, thank you for being with us. Thank you. Come down to the shore. It's 85 degrees today. Sounds great. When we come back the TV

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Ron Baumann, regional president, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City, discussed the measures in place to lower your odds of catching coronavirus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71947228","title":"Gambling on fun in the summer of COVID-19","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gambling-fun-summer-covid-19-71947228"}