‘GMA3’ surprise virtual baby shower!

Home décor and lifestyle expert Amber Peterson helps us throw a surprise party for “GMA3” producer Stefanie Parasram.
6:29 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for ‘GMA3’ surprise virtual baby shower!
Today, we are throwing our first ever "Gma3" baby shower in honor of our producer Stefanie parasram, stef and her husband Barry found out they were expecting during the pandemic and she is due in just a couple of weeks so what better way to shower her with love than with a virtual baby shower. And she has no idea what's going on right now, okay, there she is, but they don't know and they're not hearing us just yet, so they're standing by with something else, we got a whole zo live going, but she thinks she is about to do an interview for a different type of segment and we'll surprise her in just a second with a shower but first we have to get the party started and we need some help too this. So we brought somebody in to Phelp us with the event, and home decor and life style expert amber Peterson, where do you get started? What's tip number one to do something like this? When hosting a virtual event, the first thing you want to do is create a fun and festive backdrop. Today's backdrop is obviously baby shower themed. And I've used pastel color balloons to create a balloon Garland and added gold vibes and gold butterflies that easily translates from birthday parties to anniversaries. It's absolutely beautiful and I know your second tip is actually something for your guests. I spy some boxes here in front of T.J. And me. Yes, if you really want to impress your virtual party guest, send them a party in a box. Take small items that you would typically find in an in person party and send them to your guests, so that they can fully engage in your virtual event. And we have everything we need for the baby shower, but we need a guest. And we need our guest of honor. And we're going to bring in our guest of honor now, there is mama-to-be, that's Stefanie and her husband Barry. Now, we told you -- oh, look at that face. Oh, my god. Yes, oh. Right? How do you immediately blame him? How did you know this was his doing? Hi. How are you doing? I'm good. Thanks. How are you? We are great. But how are you feeling these day? What's the due date again? April 2nd. So we are in the home stretch. Less than a month. In the home stretch. Barry, yes, the shove was warranted. I think it's going to turn into a hug because, Barry, I think it's time to bring in the gifts. I know, stef, you thought that throughout your pregnancy, you've been craving chocolate chip cookies, so we got you some of your favorites. Do the honors for us, Barry. Yes, some bang-bang cookies that she's wanting. Oh, my gosh, guys, thank you so much. And a whole entire box of little boxing gloves for our little girl. Tnk you, guys, that's amazing. This is your baby shower, stef, you're having your baby shower now. It's been all a ruse about what you were supposed to be sitting there and doing, and, yes, Barry has been on this. And, Barry, tell us, you want your wife, your bride-to-be, the big event, the bridle shower is one, the highlight, and you weren't able to do it and now what does it mean for you to be able to pull this off? You know, it's been the brightest spot of, during this pandemic, expecting a beautiful little girl soon, and you know, I think it's a blessing in disguise that we're in lockdown, and we've got to, you know, experience this whole entire moment together, and we are nervous, excited, but most importantly, blessed to have a, hopefully, a healthy and happy baby girl. You've been together, you're blessed, but I know you haven't been able to be with everyone, and some others wanted to wish you, stef and Barry, a happy baby shower, so take a look. Stef, we've always been so proud of you. We love you so much. And now our baby is having a baby. Look at that. With just a few weeks to go, we can't wait to meet our beautiful granddaughter. Your best production yet. We love you so much. Love you. We love you guys so much. We cannot wait, baby is coming so, so soon, and we couldn't be any happier. Congratulations, uncle Barry. And aunt Stefanie. Can't wait to meet our new cousin. And, Stefanie, you have some love from some of your "Gma3" family, here as well, our whole team wanted to send you some love, so there they are, there they all are. Hi, guys. I know, stef, we see you wiping away those tears, we see how much this means to you, can you tell us how you're feeling right now? Oh, my gosh, overwhelmed, very, very overwhelmed, Barry can tell you I'm extra emotional these days, but this means the world to me, and not being in the studio, and in the office with you guys, these past few months has been really hard. But I feel so much love, and I just, I'm so grateful for all of you, and all your support, and I miss you all, and can't wait for the baby to meet everyone. And, Barry, show the boxing gloves again, because that might seem like an odd gift for us to send, for a baby, but they're huge boxing fans, so this makes sense, so the baby's going to be a big boxing fan. We should probably explain why we would send a child gloves. Well, guys, stef, Barry, good to see you folks. Stef, sorry you're not in the office, and Barry, Myers you out on the road in the NBA. We go back in our NBA days, we will see you when the baby comes and thank you for allowing us to throw the baby shower and showing other folks how to put together such a theme. So, congrats, guys. See you soon, all right. Thank you so much. Thank you all. And a big thanks to amber for helping us pull this off and it is so beautiful, from her set to ours, a lot of inspiration out there for everyone. All right.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Home décor and lifestyle expert Amber Peterson helps us throw a surprise party for “GMA3” producer Stefanie Parasram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76254538","title":"‘GMA3’ surprise virtual baby shower!","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-surprise-virtual-baby-shower-76254538"}