GMA3’s Summer Reading Squad

Our Zoom kids join author James Ponti to discuss his book, “City Spies.”
5:38 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for GMA3’s Summer Reading Squad
In case you missed it two weeks ago we launched our very own summer reading squad and got a group of nine kids, ages 11 to 14 from all across the country to read the book "City spies." So today we're bringing them together to talk about it. Let's meet the squad, we have 11-year-old John, 12-year-old Makai, 13-year-old Jayla, 12-year-old ion, 13-year-old aquila, 11-year-old Remy, 12-year-old Josie and 11 and 14-year-old brother and sister Anthony and Ariel. Welcome, guys, and last but certainly not least let's say hello to "New York Times" best-selling author and the brain behind "City spies," James Ponti. Welcome, everyone. How is everyone doing? Doing great. Great, awesome. I love that, awesome. All right, James, let's jump right into "City spies." I know our summer reading squad has a lot of questions for you, James, so start with ion. What's your question for James, ion? Where did you get the idea to write this book, and how did you go about doing all the research for it? Because I just finished a book, I had -- what am I going to write next, and one day we're in London outside Buckingham palace and three days later outside the eiffel tower and my wife and son loving it so much, I thought I want to write a book that takes place in London and Europe and Paris and all these exotic places, and so really the idea came from that trip seeing how much fun they had and thinking then it would be just as much fun for characters too. I love that. Taking us along with you. All right, John, you have a question for James. What is it? Thank you. Hi, Mr. Ponti. Hi. I really connected to the British words that you used in the story, for example, because my family is from England. How did you know those words? Did you research them, or were you familiar with them as well? It was a matter of I would go online and look at language and I would talk to friends who are when I would write sections where I had some of that language in there, I would send it to my friends who are British and ask them if I got it right so really it's a combination of research, personal experience and talking to people who know All right. We're going to move on now to aquila. Aquila, what is your question? So, my question is what inspired you to name one of the character's mother as opposed to father? Well, you know, so one of the main characters, one of the main adults is a man named mother, and already in spy -- in the word of spies, things are different, and you have masked identities and hidden identities, so I thought it would be funny if the guy who more or less is the father was called mother, and so it was just a funny thing at first. It was actually one of the first things I came up with and it just kind of stuck and went with it. I love that. All right, I think we have time for one more question. So, Makai, what is your question for James? Make it a good one, Makai. All right. It's a pretty big one. Okay. Do you think there will be a movie on "City spies"? Maybe "City spies: The movie." I used to work in TV and started at nickelodeon and worked in TV and been in front of cameras a lot. I would love it if it became a movie, but now I heard if it became a movie, you had a request. Is that correct? If it became a movie I would like to play the role Paris. Okay. So I can't -- you know, it's not yet a movie, and so I can't cast you in it but I will definitely pass your name along with a heavy recommend decision that I think Makai would be a great Paris because Paris has to be not only a genius, not only brave, not only strong but also kind of the moral heart that keeps the team together. Are you ready for that challenge? I studied French for five years so that's another little thing I know. That's fantastic. I look forward to that. Makai is selling himself I love that. It never hurts to ask, Makai. This was such a wonderful read for all these kids. James Ponti, thanks so much for joining us. So great talking with you and with the kids. And our summer reading squad is not done yet. Let's find out what book we will be reading next. It is "Ghost squad," an action-packed supernatural fantasy by Claribel a. Ortega. Check it out. Not Hey, what's up? My name is Claribel a. Ortega, and I'm the author of "Ghost squad." I'm so excited to be part of the summer reading squad and I can't wait to chat with you all about my book. Until then, try not to conjure any ghosts, okay, and I'll see you all soon. Bye. Ooh. It looks good. Are you guys excited? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It looks spooky but fun, right? I can't wait to talk about it with all of you. And, by the way, if you're watching at home and want to get your kids to read along with us, you can pick up a copy of "Ghost squad" and join us right here again next month when we will be talking all about the book with the author, clarible a. Ortega. You don't want to miss that. And I want to give a big thanks to our summer reading squad for joining me today. We will see you all again real soon. Thank you, all of you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye-bye. Thank you. Bye.

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