This guy went sneaker shopping with VP-elect Kamala Harris

Joe La Puma talks “sneakerhead” culture and his new book, “Complex: Sneaker of the Year.”
4:30 | 11/17/20

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Transcript for This guy went sneaker shopping with VP-elect Kamala Harris
The sneaker phenomenal has taken the world by storm, as it's continued to explode around the world to a multibillion-dollar indu impacting entertainment, music, sports and most notably now, fashion. A new book called complex, sneaker of the year, one of the sneaker world's most trusted voices that has put this together. Sneaker shopping, Joe la puma, young fella, good to see you. How are you doing? I was hoping, when we had our shot up, I knew there were going to be a lot of sneakers behind you. I got some off camera, T.J., don't worry. Okay, so, when we think about sneakers and the people who wearing just the latest and greatest kicks, first thing that comes to my mind, vice President-Elect kamala Harris, you actually had a chance to go sneaker shopping with her. What was that about? It was an amazing opportunity. It was very hectic. We usually shoot the show and we usually -- a lot of people have more time than they say that they're going to give us. The vice President-Elect stuck to the time limit. It was one of the most impactful shoots that I have ever done or have been a part of, and you know, the episode I have been telling people, the episode aged very well given the outcome, so it was great. It just shows how big sneaker culture has gotten and you'd think that only true sneakerheads, who would see the show and could be on it and could only know every single sneaker from the '80s to today, but to see how far it could reach, and the vice President-Elect wearing converses and that becoming a thing, it was a really great moment and I think that it shows how big this industry has grown. It's really impressive. Your book here kind of picks it's called "complex:sneaker of how do you pick the sneaker of the year? Is there one sneaker of th or several sneakers? So complex eaonon we figured out that people like digesting lists and the audience loves reacting positive or negative to the list we bring out. We have sneakerheads, we use -- everything from Jay-Z's top 100 songs, and they would go online and people would argue. When we did the book, why not do the sneaker of the year since 1985, starts off with the Jordan I, kind of an obvious choice, and then it gets dicey the air Jordan 11 or the airmax 95. It's too close to call. We added an honorable mention section for each chapter, so everything's covered and those debates internally got heated because to pick just one sneaker every year since 1985, difficult task. He said Jordan 11. Talked to me when you said Jordan 11. Oh, man. Wait -- We might have some sneaker history, one of the few people that has ever been dj khaled's closet. Yes, I was going to ask you who had best collection, you know, of -- he certainly has a good one. He has a great collection. Very meticulous. You look at those ceilings you couldn't believe how high. Lot of sneakers in this book, he has in that closet. Joe, we got to go, tell Dr. Ashton and robach, the sneaker they have to have today. The sneaker you hto have -- I'm not going to give you the number one sneaker -- They have to buy what? But, you need Jordan 4s. I love them. I just got them. A los angeles-based store. You know, the designer kind of retooled the Jordan 4 tongue. This is my must-have for this year. You heard him, ladies. My daughter said you need some heat on your feet. Wow. See. Love that girl. Joe, good to see you. Congrats on everything, we hope to catch up with you down the road, all right. Thank you so much. All right, Jordan 4s. Both of you. Christmas is around thcorner. My Jordan game is good. All right, folks, stay with us here on "Gma3." A few holiday gift ideas besides

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Joe La Puma talks “sneakerhead” culture and his new book, “Complex: Sneaker of the Year.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74255583","title":"This guy went sneaker shopping with VP-elect Kamala Harris","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/guy-sneaker-shopping-vp-elect-kamala-harris-74255583"}