Harry Connick Jr. performs ‘Alone With My Faith’

The singer joins us for Faith Friday with a message of hope and faith along with a performance from his new album, “Alone With My Faith.”
4:15 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harry Connick Jr. performs ‘Alone With My Faith’
Welcome back. It's faith Friday here at ABC, and we are super excited for our next guest whose long list of accolades includes three grammys, two emmys, two Tony nominations and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, not to mention over 28 million albums sold. Yeah. Now he is showcasing his spiritual side with his latest album called "Alone with my face" -- not my face but my faith and you know his face of the I see you laughing, buddy. That is a whole different record, man. The wrong album. Harry Connick Jr. Joining us live, good to see you, we're going to get into some of that, but we got to talk about "American idol," you are on Monday going to be making a return, I should say, to "American idol" for a faith-based episode. You're not a judge, not a mentor, you're going to perform. You haven't been there in some five years. They let you back in. Your key still works? Everything works. I can't believe they let me back in the building. I do want to talk about "Alone with my faith." It's not a pure gospel album, it is in fact a faith album but here's the remarkable thing on it, I love this, you played all of the instruments, you sang all of the background vocals, you recorded it, produced the entire project alone in your studio. How did you pull that off? Why did you want to pull that off? Well, I remember last year, we got sort of canceled. We were on the road, and the tour got canceled, and as we all know, everybody kind of went into lockdown, went into quarantine, and I was home for a couple of weeks, and I really waned to play some music to kind of make me feel better, so I went into my studio, and I had a ton of instruments there and I started playing different songs, and I started to think, well, maybe, this music, which has helped me get through the pandemic might be able to help other get through it, so it turned out to be a whole album of songs. Well, music has been such an important part of connection during this pandemic, and we are so excited, Harry, because we want to get to your performance, Harry's new album, "Alone with my faith" is available now, so here he is, performing his new single, "Alone with my faith." Take a look. My life has changed my world is uncertain everything's strange everything's new but I'm not concerned with what tomorrow will bring because I've got today and I'm gonna pull through alone with my faith what I know is true what gives me assurance when I don't know what to do I don't have all the answers, no, oh, but I have always known I'm eternally faithful so I am never, never alone I'm eternally faithful so I am never alone Never alone. Just alone with your faith. Thank you so much, Harry Connick live Jr. Alone with my faith. Faith, not face. And when we come back, we'll

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The singer joins us for Faith Friday with a message of hope and faith along with a performance from his new album, “Alone With My Faith.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77118221","title":"Harry Connick Jr. performs ‘Alone With My Faith’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/harry-connick-jr-performs-faith-77118221"}