Kamala Harris VP pick gave DNC chairman goosebumps

Tom Perez talks about Biden’s history-making selection, surprises at the Democratic National Convention and more.
5:31 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Kamala Harris VP pick gave DNC chairman goosebumps
Well democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden putting the longtime speculation to arrest and naming California senator Connolly Harris as his running mate. Here to weigh in on this historic announcement and where the party's presidential ticket goes from here. Is democratic national committee chair Tom Perez thank you so much for being with us and I think. It's pretty important to know whether you're into politics or not whether you're a Republican or Democrat left to right. The announcement yesterday was historic for all Americans so I'm curious as the chair of the DNC. When did you hear about the big news. Well I heard yesterday. Couple hours before the announcement and I was. Absolutely. I do responds quite frankly aiming at with it this was a historic day. Shattering and so many glass ceiling glass ceilings for women glass ceilings. For women of color and come a Harris is ready to govern day one I've known her for a long time I know her family. She is a person of character she's a fighter she's gonna. Make sure that that everybody has a seat at the table and I'm so proud of Joseph Biden Joseph Biden. Has luck he ran a really inclusive process for. The vice presidential determination. And I think he picked the perfect running mate fuel hit the ground day one. I can't wait for I took over seventh when that vice presidential debate takes place because the American people are going to see a fighter someone standing up for them. And someone fighting for the issues that matter most of people. Tom you've said that the diversity and unity at the Democratic Party is its greatest strength but. It's fair to say that there has been quite limited division during this administration among Democrats. What are you Joseph Biden and Connolly Harris need to do to bring the Democratic Party back together. I think our unity is our greatest strength and I think Amy it's been. In. It's been and I'm strong display over the last few months every single candidate who ran for president. And we had the largest field of American history. Every single candidate has come together in a full throated fashion behind Joseph Biden and now com what Harris. NN that is indeed our greatest strength we're practicing the politics. Did this the the arithmetic is what it's all about politics we are adding to our base Joseph Biden. He attracts hardcore Democrats independents. Former what I call Party of Lincoln Republicans the Party of Lincoln is dead. Been replaced by. The very extreme party of truck and our unity is indeed our greatest strength and you'll see our unity on display next week. At the Democratic National Convention. It's a convention for everyone regardless of whether you voted democratic in the past or not and you'll see our unity on display. And our leadership our vision our values the BN stark display next week. We're gonna fight to bring back America to unite America. To make sure that we we gain our respect here and around the world. We have heard from progressives. Within your party who have expressed some skepticism some doubt. About Connell Harris and they've said that she is to law and order that she's too cozy. With the police that she's too much of a centrist what do you say to those critics. I think look at the facts that Connell Harris is a fighter she took on a big banks and California got a twenty billion dollar settlement for. Victims of mortgage fraud she was the first person she ran the Department of Justice in California the only Department of Justice bigger than that. Is the United States department of justice and she may she undertook major reforms there including the use of body cameras. To make sure that law enforcement was transparent. Her entire life has been fighting for the underdog and I think as the American people get to know her they're gonna see somebody who has their back on the issues that matter most. And I'm so proud to have her on the ticket. And I think people the more you learn about come on Harris the more you will her. So your run in the show at a convention kicks off on Monday as you alluded to what we have to look forward to what are we gonna take. I think it's gonna be an exciting week it'll be different than past conventions there will be. Less podiums and more conversations. Around kitchen tables and in union halls across America. You'll see people that you know and love of like Bob Michelle Obama Barack Obama and other great leaders of our party governors and mayors who've led. And you'll also see everyday Americans ordinary people who've done extraordinary. Things through this pandemic. Dreamers who are front line paramedics. People who have. Been saving lives and putting their own lives at risk. That's the American ethic and our convention is going to highlight. The remarkable work of so many people. It's about bringing America together we need to unite this country and move we're gonna have our unity on full display next week I'm a big believer that hope triumphs over fear. Joseph Biden com what terrorists are to the most optimistic people I know. And you're gonna see that optimism. We're fighting to make sure that we take back our country we build back a better America. Not in America we saw 2016. But America we need to have in 20/20 one and beyond. I'm really excited. And only a few surprises too. All right we'll look forward to that democratic national committee chair Tom Perez thank you so much for your time today. Pleasure to be with you Amy.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Tom Perez talks about Biden’s history-making selection, surprises at the Democratic National Convention and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72329097","title":"Kamala Harris VP pick gave DNC chairman goosebumps","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/kamala-harris-vp-pick-gave-dnc-chairman-goosebumps-72329097"}