3 kid-approved lunches parents can easily make

Dietitian Maya Feller shows you how to create easy and nutritious meals for kids.
4:02 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for 3 kid-approved lunches parents can easily make
Everyone's version of back to school may look different right now. One thing consistent is the need for healthy nutritious meals for our kids. With many people working from home, lunchtime can be a real challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Our sponsor Aldi has some great ideas. Here to share three quick and easy lunchtime meals your kids will love is nutritionist Mia feller. Mia, thank you for being with us. Apparently on Thursdays we wear pink, hot pink. We're matching. I love it. Second time today. We're all in sync with each other. Mia, I know you're a mom of two. What is your biggest piece of advice for all parents out there struggling with lunch ideas for their kids? My biggest piece of advice is to make the most nutritionist lunch your kids will eat and enjoy. Lunchtime doesn't have to be complicated. All the lunches I'm going to present to you today have been tested and approved by my family. You can get creative in the kitchen and buy these affordable ingredients from Aldi. I love it. Three kid-approved lunches. What's the first one? The first one is a chopped chicken salad. You can see here I've got gorgeous marinated chicken all chopped up and diced. I added kale for fiber. Also quinoa which is an ancient bean. I have corn and beans. My children love those and tomatoes for a little dose of vitamin C. You have this really hearty salad that my daughter devoured. I love that. All right. This is a big help if you made dinner the night before. Can you use leftovers for the next day's lunch? Absolutely. I want to show you a trick here. This is super easy to make. What I did was a sheet pan meal. I put chicken, peppers and potatoes on one sheet pan. I roasted it in the oven for 40 minutes. I'm a huge fan of cooking once and eating twice or three times. It's beautifully packed up in a lunch tin. I have it nicely separated for those who prefer it that way. Chicken, peppers, potatoes, all three food groups. Amazing. I love it. What can parents do or make at least when they're really pressed for time in the kitchen? That's most of us every day, right? Oh my goodness, I'm always pressed for time. In fact, my daughter said to me when she saw this box, could you pack that for me every day? This is a grab and go. It's an assortment. The idea is you use vegetables, fruit and protein. We have pita chips and guacamole. The truth is you can swap any of these ingredients out. This could be hummus or salsa. You could change the chip. This could be cucumbers instead of carrots. These could be bananas instead of strawberries and Oranges. It's a really easy kind of grab and go way to make lunch super appealing. I love it. Mia, my kids are older now. They make their own lunch and I don't want to know what they're eating sometimes. When they were younger, I remember doing what you did and getting the lunch box back and none of the healthy stuff was eaten. Any tips on getting your kids to eat those vegetables and fruits? Absolutely. I get my kids involved in the kitchen and ask them what they would like. The parent or care giver is in charge of the what, where, when and the children decide if and how much. I know that's super scary for people to hear. If you get your kids involved in this idea that they can choose from two or three vegetables, two or three fruits, they feel they have autonomy in the situation. Very smart and effective. Mia, thank you for being with us today. We appreciate the back to school lunch ideas. Thank you and have a great day. Thanks, Amy. Have a great day.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Dietitian Maya Feller shows you how to create easy and nutritious meals for kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72352304","title":"3 kid-approved lunches parents can easily make ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/kid-approved-lunches-parents-easily-make-72352304"}