A very different kind of love triangle

Kim Cobb and Matt McAdams from “I Love A Mama’s Boy” talk about being in a close relationship with his overbearing mother.
4:44 | 10/21/20

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Transcript for A very different kind of love triangle
Matt is a total mama's boy. I'm totally the third wheel with them and, instead of us going out for a date night, he would rather hang out on the couch drinking his sleepy time tea with his mom. It's a great system. Yeah. Right, Kim? That was a clip from tlc's newest series, "I love a mama's boy." The show follows a different love triangle between girlfriend, boyfriend and his mama. In this new series you'll see several young woman as they vie to become the leading lady in their man's life and hope these mama's boys will cut the cord. Let's bring in the stars of the show, Kim, boyfriend Matt and mama, Kelly. Hello to you all. We saw that clip. Is that pretty accurate, that this is like third wheel situation? And you're all under the same roof. How has that been during the pandemic? I'm definitely the third wheel. Oh, yeah. Most of the time. I'm driving the car. I'm in the trunk. I feel that during the pandemic it was mom and I's dream come true to work at home every day together. We had to be separated eight hours a day. Kim realized the extra eight hours a day she shared with mom and I. It took some getting used to on her part. I think the pandemic turned out good for mom and I in that sense. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is this sustainable? You got to help me here, Kim. It's one thing for a show to be entertainment. We're watching this now and it seems to be the case and you have accepted it. Can you really sustain this for a lifetime possibly if you end up engaged? Mama, I don't know you. I don't want to knock the relationship and how much you're in it. You got to tell me here, Kim, is this really sustainable for you? I hope so. I'm in it to win it. Yeah. They're -- it's definitely a lot to take on long term. There's a lot to take into consideration for Matt and I moving forward in our relationship. I hope everything works out for the best for Matt and I. I can't wait to see T.J.'s expression after we show this next clip. Matt, you were shopping for a Valentine's day gift for Kim. You brought your mom along. Let's take a look. What brings you in? My son wants to get something beautiful for his girlfriend with a little bit of razzle dazzle for Valentine's day. I do like the cheetah. Yeah. I think it's beautiful. What do you think? I like -- I think this one might be better. I think it's going to make Kim feel sexier, and it's different. That's true. When you watch that back, Matt, do you still think it was a good idea to bring your mom to shop for lingerie for your girlfriend? I feel like -- yeah. Mom is going to give me her best opinion. Mom knows kind of everything about mine and Kim's for her to go I don't think that's an odd thing. Kim, was definitely cringing when she saw that. Kim, what did you think when you found out? I just watched that episode for the first time. Seeing the whole lingerie scene was pretty shocking. Yeah, just getting the lingerie knowing that Kelly picked it out took away from the romantic aspect of it. She did not. Helping pick it out. Most of us to some degree are mama's boys. Mama Kelly, you got to tell me here, do you ever feel like you should step back and maybe let him go do his own thing or not be as involved in that relationship? Like you said, you're in it to win it. Do you feel like you're really where you need to be in that relationship? Yes. Stepping back is not in my nature. Sorry, Kim. I think that was the last word on that. Was it not? Matt, Kim, Kelly, we're happy to see you. Good luck. We'll be praying for all three of you. Really, guys, I know it's a show and you'll have some fun here. Enjoy it. Best of luck. Good to see you. We'll see you down the road. It's "I love a mama's boy" on tlc. Premiers October 25th on tlc. Aren't we all mama's boys to a certain degree? I don't know. Speak for yourself. Up next on "Gma3" how well

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Kim Cobb and Matt McAdams from “I Love A Mama’s Boy” talk about being in a close relationship with his overbearing mother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73738810","title":"A very different kind of love triangle","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/kind-love-triangle-73738810"}