Massachusetts sees no instances of voter fraud

Secretary of State William Galvin addressed concerns about mail-in voting, safety protocols and more.
6:09 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Massachusetts sees no instances of voter fraud
election day, more than 31 million Americans have already cast their votes including nearly 900,000 in Massachusetts. And to see how things are going in that state, let's bring in secretary of state of the commonwealth, William Galvin, and thank you so much for being with us. Your attorney general there in state actually had to put out a advisory to voters reminding them intimidation at the polls is illegal, did after the president suggested that he wanted to send people out to watch polls and also, the GOP leader in your state is now asked for people to come out to be poll watchers, are you concerned about any voter intimidation and have you seen any of that just yet? No, I'm not really. We have a state law that requires a police officer present at every polling location, and I think that certainly guarantees orders. Elections are about voters, no longer about candidates, they're no longer about parties, it's about the voters. We have a law in Massachusetts that says all campaigning has to cease 150 feet away from a polling location. We're not going to tolerate anybody interfering or interrupting, the right to observe but a quiet observation. Not anything that interferes with the rights of the voter. President trump continues to make unsubstantiate claims that mail in voting leads to fraud. I know you have been the chief officer there of elections in the state of Massachusetts for the past 25 years. Have you found evidence that mail-in voting leads to fraud in any way? Absolutely not, and I'm so delighted to see the millions of Americans throughout our country who are coming out to prove that point, they point out the deceitful of his statement every single day that they come out and vote. The integrity of the electoral process is what our country is founded upon. He's insinuated and implied that it's fake, false, I have dealt with many election administrators, both Republicans and Democrats throughout the country mostly, all in my experience, honest people looking for an accurate count, fair people. The only fraud in his statements are his statements. I'm delighted to see millions of Americans are proving the integrity of the electoral process is there alive and well. Yours is one of the states folks that can actually I believe have their vote postmarked by election day, still be counted if it shows within three days. Also, people can register to vote fairly late in the process as well. Tell me what that does, that's good to have the options, are you concerned about procrastinators, what happens to those if the vote counts and you don't get a lot of the votes until late. We're very anxious to make sure people vote early. Early in person or early by mail. Our law allows for people to have it postmarked by the third of November as long as it's received within three days, the 6th of November. If it's domestically mailed. The idea is we want to make sure that every legitimately cast ballot is counted. But I don't believe it undermines the integrity of the process. We know what the rules are. We hope people can vote early. But some can't. Voter registration will last until the 24th. We certainly think it's important that the rights of people to vote are protected. Our system, we think and we have proven this in our recently held primary, works. It works because we have many checks in place, and we are committed to making sure that the rights of voters are protected and we think most voters are honest people too. Secretary, we have two weeks until election day, and there are still quite a few people who are on the fence about voting, whether it's because we're in the middle of a pandemic or there are concerns about the safety of their vote, what would you say to those maybe voters right now? Well, I think they should consider all the options that might be available. I know they vary in different states. But if they have the opportunity to vote early in person, some people I've talked to feel comfortable that way because they're passing their ballot into local election officials. They don't have to rely upon the mail. I think there's enough time right now to mail it, to make sure it gets in, we know that there's been issues with the postal service, we also know that there's lot of scrutiny. My own experience with most postal officials is they want to do a good job, they understand the importance of this process. And in one of your earlier interviews, there will be safety at the polling locations. Here in Massachusetts, we spent a lot of money making sure that there will be ppe, plexiglass. I listened carefully to what was said regarding the process and making sure there's ventilation. We're looking for larger and larger spaces. It will be safe to vote on election day. We're going to make sure of it. But it will be personally okay to come out on election day unless you have a very serious underlying condition. We're quite optimistic. We do believe we'll have a record turnout in Massachusetts. We've already had as you noted almost 900,000 people cast ballots, that's about 19% of our electorate almost. It's quite enthusiastic. And I think all Americans want to vindicate the process of voting, this is something that we've held up high throughout our history. It's important now. Secretary Galvin, our Dr. Ashton was nodding her head about the safety measures you have in place in some of the polling places. Thank you so much for the time. It's a busy time for you all. We appreciate you. And good luck. Thank you. To our viewers, this is a very useful and handy guide, voters guidance specific to your state. Go how to vote website from our partners at fivethirtyeight.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Secretary of State William Galvin addressed concerns about mail-in voting, safety protocols and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73716040","title":"Massachusetts sees no instances of voter fraud","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/massachusetts-sees-instances-voter-fraud-73716040"}