Mignon dishes on Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’

The actress talks about the similarities between her and the character she plays on the hit BET show.
3:14 | 06/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mignon dishes on Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’
photo shoot. Okay, oh yeah, she told me about it. Karen, you know about this? This reminds me of -- yes. She just told me today, okay. So it is legit. Why did he call you? He called me to ask y'all to come and support her tonight because she's going to be nervous. Strange. Yeah, I know, like Andi likes taking thirst trap photos. She loves take photos shoots. That was a scene from B.E.T. Hit comedy-drama "Tyler Perry's sistas" each week we meet the ladies who are mixing things up. And the best part is, you never know what's coming next. What fans say make the show so awesome. One of the stars of that show, quickly becoming a household name, mignon. How are you doing today? It's good to see you. I'm good. How are you? Thank you for having me. We are doing great, are you all having as much fun behind the scenes when we see the actual show? Yeah, we really are. I mean, covid shooting is stressful but we -- we're honestly a good mix. Lightning struck. We have a lot of fun. That's what makes it magical. You play Danni and you're the friend that everyone needs in their life basically and I'm just curious is that you in real life, of course it is, right? I don't want to be as involved in people's drama as Danni is, because her friends don't listen to her. My friends listen to me, like I actually have a good group of friends, when they have things they're working on, they take sound advice, but I'm telling you all these women are so thick skulled. Danni included. Am I there for my friends? Yeah. Okay, you're there for your friends. You sound so much -- we know when certain things are going on robach's not the one to call, she's not the hugger, she's not -- that sounds like -- You're making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Mignon, that's not you, you're still there for your friends. I'm not like rub your back, I'm not that. I can be more gentle probably. But I don't think I'm too rough. I'm not gentle as sandpaper. Mignon, we could be friends. I think we speak each other's language. I appreciate that. You hear that, T.J. Thank you. You could be friends. Mignon, thank you very much for being with us. Want to let everyone know that you can see all new episodes of the show every Wednesday on B.E.T. That was so great, mignon.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The actress talks about the similarities between her and the character she plays on the hit BET show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78442766","title":"Mignon dishes on Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/mignon-dishes-tyler-perrys-sistas-78442766"}