A $1 million dollar bottle of wine?

Christie’s is auctioning off a bottle of wine that spent a year aboard the International Space Station.
3:06 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for A $1 million dollar bottle of wine?
We're going to turn now to ABC's Kyra Phillips in Washington with our latest headlines. Good afternoon, Kyra. Amy, always good to see you. We begin with the talk about that new goal from the white house when it comes to getting shots in our arms. President Biden saying the next two months are pivotal. The administration is now focused on getting 100 million more shots out by the fourth of July to ensure 70% of adults have at least one dose by then. A boost in those numbers could come once pfizer gets fda approval to vaccinate children over age 12. And the company plans to eventually expand those vaccinations to babies. And this emotional moment caught on camera. Brian Chavez and his mother Sandra Ortiz, the first of four families to be reunited this week, at the border. Those parents and children, forcibly separated by the former president's policies, more than three years ago, those families now granted temporary protection status. There's still more than 400 children separated from their parents. We also have the new low point in the nation's birth rate, falling 4%, actually, dropping for moms of every major race and ethnicity, in nearly every age group. This represents the lowest point since those numbers started being tracked more than 100 years ago. Experts say there's no doubt the pandemic contributed to that sharp decline. A Florida high school student accused of rigging the homecoming queen vote will now be tried as an adult. And could face 16 years behind bars. Emily grover and her mother Laura Carol, an assistant principal at an elementary school, were arrested in March, after officials accused them of using the mom's access to district student data to help cast the fraudulent votes. Both mother and daughter are free on bond. And both could face long prison terms. The mother pleading not guilty. And finally here, it's known that wine can make you, well, a little spacey, but did you know there's wine that actually went to space? Christie's auctioneers are selling a bottle of French wine that spent a year in orbit, on board the international space station. They think that wine connoisseurs may pay as much as a million for this. Now, at that price, okay, guys, let's hope the taste is, ready for it, ready for it? Uh-huh. Out of this world. Okay, at least I got one laugh. Thank you very much. I'm here all week. Drinking wine from space. Dr. Ashton was very excited about this story, because you brought this up when I think it first happened. The experiment, how wine and the vines do in that kind of environment. They took up I think 12 or so bottles, they've already brought some back and they did some taste testing and didn't really see much of a difference. Come on, I'll be the judge of that. Exactly. You never see a difference after a few bottles of wine. I mean, come on. Thank you, robes.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Christie’s is auctioning off a bottle of wine that spent a year aboard the International Space Station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77506597","title":"A $1 million dollar bottle of wine?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/million-dollar-bottle-wine-77506597"}