Former music exec’s mission to end mental health stigma

Shanti Das and Grammy Award-winning singer Anthony Hamilton talk about the need to normalize conversations around mental health, specifically within communities of color.
3:59 | 05/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former music exec’s mission to end mental health stigma
Our next guest is breaking the silence around the stigma of mental health her nonprofit silence the shame is on a quest to make mental wellness accessible to everyone in. She's doing so with the virtual gala. And a little help from some sort of. Pretty frat pad at those board is founder and that music industry veteran mental health advocate and polenta wrist shot he doesn't joining earth one of those celebrity friends we just mentioned Grammy Award winning singer and be held the good to see you Boca the seal smiling faces a shot to let me. Start with you this is. Absolutely something that is. Near and dear and very personal to you your your dad your best friend. Both die by suicide you have been open about talking about. Yourself. Considering suicide at some point in your life tell us about. Yes absolutely T days I was seven console not filed its of his own life in it was typical. From my mom had been raised three kids on her own and you know grown up in Africa American culture we didn't talk about it. I used to just say all he got a heart attack or anything other than suicides are buried a lot of those ceilings. That's a lot of had a really successful career as an executive in the entertainment industry and I started dealing with a lot of just. Everyday stress and knew who precious and I will ask I have a lot of kids up trauma from my father's suicide saw walked away from my career. At the height of the career in EVP and move back home to Atlanta starting dealing with some additional stress and anxiety and physical issues. Innings when he fourteen my best friend took her own life I've talked to her the day before it happened wow and and talking about Scott is so so how do you all. And I know you know we'll help still Manning an aunt and I want to talk to you because you're performing at the gala tonight the tell us why. This particular issue is so important to you as well personally. Believe in our communities you know its costs. Amongst us black men and boys and people of color. It's something that's look down upon you speak about have a mutual issues. People fear that you don't to be looked at to be crazy York. You know. Not accepted into the mainstream society. Without being judged so to bring awareness to it and to make it okay to speak out speak about. You don't have a decent Christians and Evan needs that's when Scott anxieties. Is very important answers just bring awareness to. People so we can have sought Evan dialogue about it. So mall floor. And insanity and that the ideas if you silence the shame bolted you'll have to have alluded to this large and in communities of color in the particular. Among African Americans this is not something that we are too often talk about freight. So today we have to crack house had mental health right now because as you say you know African Americans were disproportionately affected during the pandemic. You tackle in the number of people that passed away and have families right from the grief and loss and trauma of that not being able to attend loved ones funerals. Which will volleyball ritual write a place of healing for us to pay homage. It to celebrate the life of I loved ones and we were not able to do that so I talk to so many friends and colleagues. Who dissent you know how was never pitches I've never experienced this this is something aren't sneak so be extra careful and make sure that we are getting into the communities. And we're providing the resources that needy. Thank you for all that you do Shantee an Anthony thank you we're very excited about the performance silence. This sheen's a brilliant mind gala every one check it out it will be held virtually tonight at 8 PM eastern time. And we want take this time to remind our viewers that if you or a loved one. Is struggling please call the national suicide prevention life finds 1802738255. Or you can text talk. To 7417414. In three confidential emotional support 24 hours a day seven days a week. Even if you feel like you're alone you are not. Online very important looking forward to that tonight always see if something you've talked about the past few here are always important to emphasize mental health.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Shanti Das and Grammy Award-winning singer Anthony Hamilton talk about the need to normalize conversations around mental health, specifically within communities of color.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77506336","title":"Former music exec’s mission to end mental health stigma","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/music-execs-mission-end-mental-health-stigma-77506336"}