The quarantine comfort gifts you need this holiday season

Shopping expert Trae Bodge has fun and festive gifts for couples and children.
5:17 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for The quarantine comfort gifts you need this holiday season
Holiday season the fourth going to be a little different than. A lot of the others in countless ways many of us going to be spending the holidays at home with how all the usual. Holiday companion. Patrick but we still have to spend gets the big question I have been asking my heart completely what his sense we've got them. Help provide Smart shopping expert at truth trade dot com if you are some ideas for our loved ones who will be. Home alone home with kids at home with their partners and Trace so great to have you back with us we'll get started. With these I love this nick knitting kits for people who were home alone tell us about this. Yes so obviously a lot harder to be home alone my mama moderate line included his route. What might be fun for that I think something keep them busy easily this debate so the first why is ardent bears and this isn't why can't it. Specifically for creating a new ideas her she had more. All of Euronext what my favorites you can make a little late artist's car company that you need from The Beatles the ball. A little legal fear creation and they're actually 88 Black Friday sale. It's 30% opposite that great line. And then my natural prairie and barbarous act here I'd rather than a couple of months guns it's hiding property in Brooklyn so excited to share your. You get everything he in this little hit me your old story Gary black or dark side that's why it comes to colors or did little. Or includes the song it's Stalin's and asking that you need. This when my neighbor kids it's the patent. Is that it's too and I kind of think leg more importantly what happens like that easy you love for people who are our house so what is next in line is great for those dreary winter heating your home quit kit so he could be cookies brought. To light. And then you Decker it would be chocolate. On this box and for college shot at the Oxford and it's melts and its track the callers and let me inside. So that's a really fun activity for a reds are yeah Mason holly eats cookies. Biggest sense of things. And I'm not find at that eye dropper who didn't think the somewhere else we hear this is my brackets from create aren't you could sheet debt. We need funds for you guys you GB three. And become yours you're all of aren't his magnetic tiles incidents I guess you could claim that you can displayed at an Asian Eric double sided and said. This way or someone to democracy during a holiday. It's so I agree with your needs just under your base and that's a really great. I'm 20% off poor Black Friday as well. OK we have a set of cards here what is this these are either of discovery decks would amount looking at here. Yes. And that's solved its eight productivity company but the happy is beautifully designs decks cards their conversation starters. And what are my favorite is there its sea tac and because we all. We've been hope our partners are really untimely probably running start out so the kind of become better acquainted with their partner sex. Poor kids were little their greatest your kids are not repeat any leads Newbury are true this is going to install a hundred flights toppled out the first card. In the intimacy deck you Sylvester part of what aspects do you miss about being single. Yeah. There are always cool right. To right come on we can't recommend Islam but got lucky asked weekend's. Atlanta what you eat my best well it's. What's your favorite sexual memory of us I'm reading the cards that neither of course to you all I have not picking me that public. We'll get to a just a couple of course it cut its work. They did 30% are black well OK let's move on to the lights police. Yeah so. This Albright might elite costs made me I'm sorry so this is does the alerts. That person let every day. You do an easy inside or outside I want to hear the outskirts so you what they're excellent. My guess this is shopping with my art my the end of my newsletters and you can't. You aren't you can you aren't it is your colors of the remote control. It's also cool. They're white aren't was not there are signs aren't what aren't so lots of its sales coming apart art. A nothing says holiday is like he did you consider yourself conservative moderate or liberal with a political leanings explained and robot with a top club qualities you mutter about me. What you do that's all I yeah yeah are outdated. Implies. Today we appreciated him great quarantine not a gift ideas over continuing to play with here as the commercial goes on all over the planet actually ripped us. You can see you sparked a lot of conversation in so at home as well so thank you. I thought yes CBO it's true Tree.Com. Out for anyone who wants to get more information talent.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Shopping expert Trae Bodge has fun and festive gifts for couples and children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74379840","title":"The quarantine comfort gifts you need this holiday season","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/quarantine-comfort-gifts-holiday-season-74379840"}