Using rap to motivate and educate students

Corey Thornton can’t stop, won’t stop inspiring kids everywhere with his music and videos.
4:35 | 08/03/20

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Transcript for Using rap to motivate and educate students
as long as you're right here Our next guest is to inspire, motivate and educate the next generation, how do you get kids to understand the benefit of staying focus in school. A Tampa bay rapper Corey thornson says it's through mentoring. Don't bully me don't bully me keep your hands to yourself don't bully me don't bully me don't bully me don't bully me Here to tell us about his creative ways to keep kids tuned in is educational rap artist Corey Thornton. You were watching your clip, I saw you moving. You started rapping in middle school, tell us about your journey and how it inspired you to empower young people. Yes, thank you for having me on your show, Amy. In elementary school, I had a tough time in school. I couldn't get focused to do my school work. In middle school, I connected with my music teacher, and he was a huge impact on my life. I was surrounded by a lot of awesome teachers. They pushed me to do the best that I could and I did so well, I went to high school, took up musical theaters and at that point I started to write and create music, so I linked up with my cousin and we produced some incredible music with some incredible tracks. The way to catch the students is you have to make the music sound like the stuff they normally hear on the radio but you put a positive message on it, and when we did that, we started going out to schools and doing concerts and I was just doing so many amazing things. I'm really gifted with music. I like to use my music to inspire our next generation to make positive choices and be all that they can be. I love hearing that and I love seeing the response from the children you're trying to inspire, it's clearly working, how has this pandemic affected your ability to do that? It's affected us big time. One thing I know -- we love to teach students how to read, so I wrote a couple songs to inspire kids to read and get an education and one of the great things is that I partnered with a publishing company, they published a book on my life going into schools, so students were able to hear the positive songs to inspire them to read and also read my story as well. This book was being used to teach students how to read. One great thing about it is they printed 1 million copies and distributed them to multiple schools around the united States. And I was so busy, I was doing about four to five shows a week and it was just amazing, amazing times. Yeah, and it's so powerful. I know you recently partnered with the juvenile welfare board, tell me why this was a perfect pairing for you. That's been a huge blessing for me because when the pandemic set in, all the concerts stopped so we had to scramble and think outside the box, so the board partnered with me and created some online motivational content. One song I created finish strong. It talks about logging in, signing with your teacher and being present on the computer, so it was inspiring students to do their school work while they were home. The other song that we, jwb, collaborated on was read strong, all the libraries were closed over the summertime, so we had to scramble to put a song together and by using hip-hop, I took seven words, pick up a book and read it. Those seven words with an awesome incredible beat produced by my cousin, took off, all the summer camps were playing the song, utilizing the song to inspire kids to read. It goes something like -- if you want to be smart, pick up a book and read it. Knowledge is key, pick up a book and read it. If you want to be smart, pick up a book and read it. Then listen to me. So that's kind of like how that song goes. It turned out to be a huge hit. I want to pick up a book right now and read it. You're a beautiful soul, thank you so much for doing what you do. We're so grateful that there are people like you who go the extra mile to teach our students. Thank you for being with us. Thank you. I appreciate you, too. Have a great day. All right, so inspired as

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Corey Thornton can’t stop, won’t stop inspiring kids everywhere with his music and videos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72147145","title":"Using rap to motivate and educate students","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/rap-motivate-educate-students-72147145"}