Rapper opens first hip-hop health food store

Rapper Styles P and his wife opened Juices For Life to promote healthy living in underserved communities.
3:10 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Rapper opens first hip-hop health food store
we are back with a man known for his powerful lyrics and punch lines, rapper, veteran of the hip-hop community but he's been advocating a new message, healthy is gangsta and spreading the word with a chain of juice bars located throughout New York City called juices for life, and our robach takes a look. Reporter: Castle hill avenue is typically buzzing with new yorkers shopping in one of the many storefronts along the popular strip in the southeast section of the bronx. On the block, you will see everything from Dominican hair salons to barbershops and an array of fast food restaurants, and on the corner of castle hill and Chatterton, a small seed of health conscious living has been growing for almost a decade, known as juices for life. The biggest thing is get the message out, and empower our youth with the information of how healing is going to better their lives. Reporter: Owned by lyrical hip-hop rapper -- Reporter: And one-third of te legendary veteran rap group, they have transitioned to wellness with his wife after his negative lifestyle choices started impacting his health. You kind of turn your DNA into that. We live in food deserts, we live in poverty neighborhoods and it is kind of not the first thing on your mind and it should be, because when you look at diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, PTSD, it mostly comes from the food and what you're going through. Reporter: The juice bar has become a neighborhood staple advocating a healthy lifestyle for underserved communities and people of color who are often overlooked in the wellness industry. It's important that you take care of the forgotten, because if you're a poor American, why does that mean you don't have to eat right? Why, when you go to a wealthy neighborhood, we don't see fried chicken spots on every block? Reporter: You can get a little taste of the caribbean in the middle of nyc, customers can sip on fresh fruit juices from papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit and more. Born and raised in New York, they dreamed of expanding their brand, eventually building four locations in their hometown and the people they named the forgotten, in the underserved communities took note, coming together to take note, coming together to support the juices for life brand and products. I feel stronger, I feel more clean and not eating the things I used to do, ever since I stepped into juice for life. Reporter: Stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually, the community of castle hill now reaping the benefits of investment in their health and they are seeing their dream realized, as their business continues to grow. Plants are a common denominator. Fruit and veggies, no matter what market you're in, that will make for a better country in the future. If we are really thinking about a healthy country and a better country and a country being on top, that takes you raising your children right. Better community. We're all involved, doing our job. And a big thanks to them for sharing their message for us and if you're in New York City, be sure to check out the stores, it is called "Juices for life".

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Rapper Styles P and his wife opened Juices For Life to promote healthy living in underserved communities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76138213","title":"Rapper opens first hip-hop health food store ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/rapper-opens-hip-hop-health-food-store-76138213"}