How to refresh your summer glow from head to toe

Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry has tips on how to refresh, recharge and improve your summer skin.
5:07 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for How to refresh your summer glow from head to toe
Summer is winding down. Doesn't feel like it. Apparently it is. Just because the days may be getting shorter doesn't mean your summer glow needs to fade. Looking good helps you feel good. Here to teach us how to refresh summer glow from head to toe is Dr. Michelle Henry. Dr. Henry, thank you for being you're a walking billboard for being a dermatologist. Your skin is so beautiful. I want to hear what you have to say. You say there are three simple steps anyone can follow to keep their summer glow. What are they? Absolutely. In order to refresh your summer glow from head to toe all year long there are three steps. Exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin. That sounds simple. How do we do that best? Exfoliate, hydrate and protect our face. Starting with the face, exfoliation is critical. It really allows the healthy skin cells below to shine. We have to shed the dead old skin cells. A few products I like, the fst philosophy. Philosophy has a micro delivery vitamin C resurfacing peel. Using vitamin C it helps shed the skin cells and helps them to glow. It helps to shed the skin cells and using lactic acid to deepen the product. My second favorite product is the buff puff. $5 did he at the drugstore. Step number three is the toner. People call it Jesus in a bottle. That's a little aggressive. It's fantastic. Great acid. Has a little glycerin to exfoliate and hydrate. Last is abgha cleanser. It's a wash, great to shed skin cells. Second step is hydration. Hydration is important to look good and for your skin to function optimally. In greentds, ceramides, acid. Glycerin, allow. Tacha makes a great cream called the dewy skin cream. There's a triple lipid restore to do this. Full of healthy fats we need. Ceramides to help your glow. If you like something lighter, there's a mineral 89 that's easy to get at the drugstore. Fantastic price point. Nice and light. Dermatologist tested. Then last, clinique moisturizer. One of those super hydrating ingredients. Then we want to protect your skin. Sunscreen is critical. Also to prevent skin cancer of course. Cerave makes a sunscreen. I love that. Super group makes a completely transparent sunscreen called unseen. Then last, but not least, of course you can use hats and whatnot to protect your skin. The fact you were able to list that off, I'm impressed with that part of you too. Let's get to our overall body. It's not just about the face. What should we be doing? On the body this is an area where I like to save a few dollars. The same steps exfoliate, hydrate and protect. When I exfoliate at home, I like to make an easy to do sugar scrub. I'll take one cup of brown sugar. I add about a half cup of sweet almond oil. Little bit of your favorite essential oil. I love lavender. Helps me sleep. Little bit of vitamin E. That helps shed the skin cells and hydrate. Next I love drugstore moisturizers. On the body save a few dollars. Then also protect. Morning, night, even if you're indoors protect your skin from the sun. I love spf-60. Fantastic for the body. We have the face, the body. Now let's talk about our hair. What do we need to do? The hair is really critical. We talk about exfoliating the face, never the scalp. Hair care is scalp care. As a dermatologist, when I think about the hair, I think about the scalp. The scalp is critical to having healthy, shiny hair. We want to hydrate. Also with the change of the seasons and stress, we could lose a little bit of hair. I do a little do it yourself hydrator. Rosemary oil and a little bit of Aragan oil to give hydration. We can't forget to protect our hair from uv, our hair strands and scalp. Sun bun makes a great mist and super group makes a poof powder puff. It's great. It's to protect the scalp and will also absorb some oil because it's a powder. That's a great way to protect your scalp and hair as well. I love it. A poof powder puff. Dr. Michelle Henry, that was amazing. That so much. We appreciate it. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry has tips on how to refresh, recharge and improve your summer skin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72214641","title":"How to refresh your summer glow from head to toe","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/refresh-summer-glow-head-toe-72214641"}