Is there a relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and menstrual cycles?

Answers to your COVID-19 questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.
2:02 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for Is there a relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and menstrual cycles?
medical questions. We will start with the first one. Dr. Jen, is there a relationship between the vaccines and menstrual cycles? We've definitely talked about this. We sure have, and this is really spreading like wildfire on social media with zero scientific or medical basis for this. Remember in medicine, every time we talk about a study, a finding, what is the first thing we say? Big difference between association and causation. So yes, women can get the vaccine and then experience changes in their menstrual cycle. That does not mean that one causes the other. And in fact, if you look at the biology of how these vaccines work, there is zero hormonal interaction. So please, let's put that to rest. Yes, this got a lot of attention because a school actually in Florida was telling teachers that they cited this as a reason to not be vaccinated. Defies science. Thank you, doc. Another one here, should all adults be wearing masks if they are around unvaccinated kids who are under the age of 16? If you look at what are the CDC revised recommendations or guidelines, if you will, for vaccinated people, this is not one those situations that they're saying yes, you should put a mask on. What they're saying is, if you have been fully vaccinated, meaning two doses of the pfizer or modern and you're after 14 days from that second dose, or two weeks from the Johnson & Johnson single-dose regimen, then you can unmask in outdoor environments, safely, as long as the people you are with, if they're unvaccinated, are at low risk for any complications. So it's really about the other person. All right, we didn't know you got a new theme song there. Also we're in third grade. Dance music. If we can't laugh, we're in trouble. And you can submit your questions to Dr. Jen, on her Instagram @drjashton. All right. We want to somehow turn to

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Answers to your COVID-19 questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77506427","title":"Is there a relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and menstrual cycles?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/relationship-covid-19-vaccines-menstrual-cycles-77506427"}