Remembering Prince Philip

Imogen Lloyd Webber and ABC News royal contributor Robert Jobson talk about Philip’s role in the royal family and what to expect in the coming days.
5:37 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Remembering Prince Philip
course covering the news out of Buckingham palace that we got earlier today, the announcement that the duke of Edinburgh, prince Philip, husband of queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully in the morning hours at Windsor castle. He was 99 years old. Let's bring in ABC news contributor, Lloyd weber and Robert Jobson. Thank you both for being with us and Robert, we're looking back, 99, how will history remember prince Phil, do you think? What will his legacy be? He is someone who didn't like praise very much but someone whose life affected the whole of the Windsor dynasty, essentially, he's a great-grandchild of queen Victoria, but more importantly than that, as the queen said quite rightly had strength and stay throughout her long reign, the longest reign in British history and I think really one must not underestimate his contribution, somebody that I think really did help to modernize the British and royal family and tried to make sure that they weren't out of step with what modern society wanted. Very much somebody who was a visionary, worked tirelessly with the royal family to establish and a great believer in the importance of helping young people believe in themselves, as the duke of Edinburgh awards given, so I think he is someone who should be remembered for supporting the queen, and really the queen has had a really tough difficult job, and he was able to bring her laughter, in the quiet moments, and that shouldn't be underestimated, and that's half the battle. Imogen, to that point, we always saw limb, we didn't hear -- him right there by her side or maybe just a step behind her. He was always there, the husband, but what more so can you tell us about that relationship as a husband, all right, she had all of these responsibilities, and as Robert just said, this is the guy who could make her laugh. Well, exactly that. Philip was the only man in the world who treated the queen simply as another human being and really the only person in the world who could tell her to shut up, I mean, no one else is about to do that to the queen, and the pet names for her were allegedly sausage and cabbage and their rows when he was driving were pretty legendary. She's going to miss him enormously, and she listened and a public mourning for the queen now, and a private mourning for the rest of her life. And as well, it has been a very difficult time with the queen with Harry and Meghan and of course covid, so this really is a devastating moment for a much-loved monarch. And we can only imagine what she and the entire royal family are going through right now. But Robert, you mentioned that prince Philip helped modernize the royal family and the Royals in general, how did he make that role his own? Well, he sort of had to, Beuse the people at the palace were there to serve the queen and it was quite clear to him quite early on they weren't there to serve him, and so he forced out that role, and one of the things he did, and one of the things that the queen asked him to do was to organize the televising of her coronation. That was a major moment in the history because it was the first time it had been done, and he was somebody who wanted to engage with the general public through television. It was him who brought the -- the world famous royal documentary, the fly on the wall document ray, that actually the queen didn't like very much. But he thought it was good because it showed that the royal family were an up to date modern family and I think he was keen to impress upon that to many people. Look, also, as imogen said, he was the only person who could speak frankly to the queen and we all now persons in power, people do need that, that person to bring them down-to-earth and it was when they were on a royal trip and he was desperately getting on the road, and she was saying her goodbyes and he was shouting from the top, yak, yak, yak come on, let's get going and I don't think anyone else could believe it, but that's the sort of character he was. I'm sure he got into a few choice words afterwards but he was a character, no doubt about that. And imogen, you mentioned two things, you mentioned covid being a challenge and you mentioned Harry, so on both of those points, how is covid, how is the pandemic going to change the mourning, the funeral arrangements and are we going to see Harry back home? Well, I think that's all to be seen, obviously the situation is very fluid at the moment with covid regulation, I mean Harry, making it easier for him to travel and watching that space on this and obviously prince Philip was much loved by prince Harry and let's face, it both Meghan and Harry were talking about how closely both Philip and queen and the infamous interview recently and Harry will be keen to be with the family and obviously Meghan is pregnant so we will see. I understand that there will be covid restrictions from what I've spoken to some people this morning. They've even taken the motors down outside Buckingham pal loss with the announcement of his death to avoid crowds gathering so the royal family is very keen to stick to the rules of covid and it will be a much scaled down funeral not like the pomp and package industry tri we've seen in the past. Odd times strange times but so many people wanting to pay tribute to prince Philip. Thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Imogen Lloyd Webber and ABC News royal contributor Robert Jobson talk about Philip’s role in the royal family and what to expect in the coming days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76974716","title":"Remembering Prince Philip","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/remembering-prince-philip-76974716"}